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Thread: Microsoft Word Product Key

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    Vin152 Guest

    Microsoft Word Product Key

    I bought this computer with Windows Vista insalled. I am trying to enter my
    product key for Microsoft Word/excell/powerpoint, etc, and it won't accept my
    product key as valid. I am using the product key that is on the bottom of my
    computer, as I was not given a disk and/or a slip with the product key on it.
    Does anyone know exactly where I can go on the web to request a new product
    key (not a temporary one, the permanent one that should have come with my
    computer). I appreciate any help that you can give me.

    Thank you so much!

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    TonySper Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    The product key on the computer is not the proper key for Microsoft
    word/excel etc:. It is the key for the operating system. The key for Word
    should be on the sleeve that word came in. If you lost it, good luck. If you
    have the original CD you may be able to get a key from where you purchased
    the computer.

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    Dec 2008
    You need the product ID on the packaging that your copy of Office came in.
    Not the Microsoft Windows Vista product ID you are trying to use. They are
    two distinctly different things.

    That means it uses the same file formats for loading & saving although the
    menus & toolbars are different. It is very good, however.

    You can usually find an OEM Key for Microsoft Office on a Certificate of
    Authenticity COA that came with your PC, look through your documentation.

    You've gotten a number of good responses here already.
    Here's another possibility: call the maker/seller of your computer's support
    line. Ask them where you might find the product key for your Word/Office
    install. They should know.

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    AW Barton Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    The product key for Word will be on the box that the CD for Word came in.
    Using your Windows key simply will not work.
    If you haven't got a legal product key for Word you will need to purchase a
    copy of Word or a license.
    As an alternative to Word, you can always try, the word
    processor of this suite is fully Word compatible.

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    Vin152 Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    Thanks for your help and quick response. I never received a cd, so I'm
    assuming that my computer didn't come with that suite. I guess the trial
    "count down" is they are assuming I purchased it online or in the store,
    and I have a key. In the past, the microsoft suite was a standard
    feature. :confused:
    I have been trying to figure this out for hours, and I'm frustrated and
    I'm just gonna give it up.:(


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    ray Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    MS Works has frequently been included on most machines - MS Office was
    never a standard inclusion on an MS OS, though some vendors have included
    it - generally for a price.

    You might try - has most of the functionality of MS Office
    - probably everything you would need. It also imports and exports MS
    Office file formats. Available for the cost of a download.

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    David B. Mathews Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    Sounds like you have the trial version of Word. All that is for is to try
    and get you to buy Office. If for some reason you do you should uninstall
    the trial before installing it off the CD. Sometimes they conflict and I
    have found it best to install so you can choose what you want installed.

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    Richard in AZ Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    Word is not part of Windows, never has been. However, many PC manufacturers are including a trial copy of MS Office with new computers. You can use the trial copy for 60 days free, but then you have to buy a license in which MS will supply you the Product key. This is a crappy way of selling you a copy of Office at manufacturers suggested retail price. You can almost always buy a copy of the same software at a discount and then you will also have the CD's that go with it. I recommend you uninstall the trial copy and buy yourself a copy at a discount store, or download a copy of the free OpenOffice which has the equivalent software.

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    wwoods Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    So...youre saying its MS Word 2007 Compatiable ? It will open a XPS
    file ? Will it open without error and loss of formatting MS Word 2007
    Macro-Enabled Template or a .docx file ? if not then it it is NOT Word
    2007 compatiable. Please dont mis-lead people about openoffice, it is
    NOT fully MS Word 2007 Compatiable.

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    Peter Foldes Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key


    A useless leech post. Answers here are not going back there and a waste of time to
    answer. If the post starts with Re: and it comes from Usenet.gateway it is a leech.
    Check the post properties and see. See the newsreader and user agent in there. More
    and more everyday across the msnews servers

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    The poster formerly known as 'The Poster Formerly Known as Nina DiBoy' Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    Correct, they are not equal. Openoffice provides a heck of alot more
    value than MS Office because it has normal menus which makes it much
    less confusing and quicker for the user to interact with, and for the
    price tag it does offer alot more value.

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    wwoods Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    Ohh...calling names....thats a good arguement for ya, you resort to name
    calling when you have lost a arguement ? no one said anything about ODF,
    which is used by what, MABY 1% of the population, and last I looked ODF
    lost the standards battle, What WAS said was that OpenOffice is as good
    as Office 2007, which it clearly isnt.


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    Bill Yanaire Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    Hey idiot - NOBODY cares if Office 2007 opens ODF documents. It doesn't
    matter that MS Office deals with any of Open Office files. Most of the
    world uses MS Office. Open Office must provide MS compatability to try to
    keep up and get users to use their product.

    You need more medication.

    Remember, Ubuntu is FREE and NOBODY wants it. Open Office is FREE and Most
    don't want it. That should tell you all you need to know about it.

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    Alias Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key

    Ya know, if you would quote to whom you are replying, we could know more
    about what the hell you're talking about.

    For most people's needs, Open Office is more that adequate and in Spain
    almost obligatory being as a retail copy of Office 07 Ultimate goes for
    over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Peter Foldes Guest

    Re: Microsoft Word Product Key


    The OP is posting trough a leech server. If you look at his posting Properties you
    will see that he is using usenet.gateway and look at his newsreader and user agent
    which will also explain more clearly. I just ignore all these leech posts which are
    showing up in great numbers lately.

    BTW. You were correct with your reply to the OP. Unfortunately these leech posts all
    do this.

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