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Thread: Changing folder permissions recursively/

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    BlackShuck Guest

    Changing folder permissions recursively/

    I have an old Vista "program files", from a previous installation on my
    E:\ drive, that's no longer used, it's however taking up stacks of space,
    and I want to delete it. I have taken ownership of it, I can delete
    directories, but not ones that contain sub-directories, as the sub
    directories don't inherit the parents permissions.

    It's going to be impossible to manually delete every folder in the tree,
    is there a way?

    I have tried using cacl, but it just comes back with "the data is
    invalid" (great error message there Microsoft...)


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    Dave Guest

    Re: Changing folder permissions recursively/

    icacls "e:\program files" /grant administrators:F /t

    I'm not sure if the quotes are needed...

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    brink Guest

    Re: Changing folder permissions recursively/

    This tutorial will show you how to take ownership of the folder with
    it's subfolders included. See the NOTE in METHOD TWO step 8.

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    BlackShuck Guest

    Re: Changing folder permissions recursively/

    Perfect, thank you very much!!!

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