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Thread: "callingid not working" message everytime I connect to a website

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    taylor_made Guest

    "callingid not working" message everytime I connect to a website

    I am helping my dad with his new laptop and this is my first vista
    experience, so go easy on me! In a nutshell, everytime you try launch IE to
    a website, the progress bar at the bottom shows that it starts going there,
    but a message window pops up and gives the message in my subject line. Once
    you clear the prompt, it takes you to the site. Problem is that it does it
    every single time. His laptop came with something called "CA security",
    which I thought may have been the culprit, but you still get the message when
    it is completely turned off.

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    Klarie Guest
    Go to Tools in Internet Explorer, click internet options, then
    Programs and Manage Add-ons, then disable the CA Toolbar AND Toolbar
    Helper. Hope this helps!

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    Nan2527 Guest
    I did as instructed, turned off ca tool bar and helper, but still got
    the Calling ID is not working message. I stopped it by turning off the
    CA Website Inspector. If I get a better answer from CA on how to run
    the Website Inspector and not get this message, I'll post again.

    How do I turn off CA Web inspector. It is not listed in the manage add

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    Re: "callingid not working" message everytime I connect to a website

    "Nobody cares. The thread has been dead for a freaking year."

    I care. I do support for friends and family and this post helped me solve a troublesome issue.
    So you before you jump off sounding rude and ignorant, realize that many people have problems like these and check for help at all different times.

    None of the other solutions I found worked until this one, so thank you very much Nan2527!!!!

    Keep posting, you never know who will be looking for answers to problems you've encountered.

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    This has to do with CA, more particularly with the Website Inspector feature within CA Security Center. Do resolve the issue, click on the CA Security Center Icon, move down to Website Inspector and disable the Website Inspector. Close CA Security Center.

    To turn off the CA web inspector,you have to open up the CA security center.Then you go down to the CA website inspector tab and click on disable.At this point,the green button on the top right which used to say "protected" might now need to be fixed,so you click on that and then disable the notification for the website inspector.

    Nan,thanks for your input.Disabling website inspector was the only way I could get it to stop also.

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    Re: "callingid not working" message everytime I connect to a website

    I have a friend who is having the same problem so I search for a solution to help fix this issue for him and I found the following at a CA Technical Support page [ ngID%20not%20working%27%3F&id=1415].
    Below are the instructions you will find at the page above:

    We have recently seen a number of these errors on Vista machines.
    If you get errors from your browser with a message that says CallingID is not working or similar errors from CA Toolbar (or CA Website Inspector), then please do the following:

    1. Uninstall CA Website Inspector and restart your computer.
    2. Re-download a fresh copy of CA Website Inspector from your welcome e-mail or online account.
    3. Install this product with your license key.
    4. Restart your computer.
    5. If you have same type of errors again, You might have to wait for the upcoming product updates that will release a fix for this.
    6. Disable CA Website Inspector temporarily until your next product updates.

    Hope this helps anyone who has not found a solution.
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