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Thread: windows wireless service -- not running

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    DWD Guest

    windows wireless service -- not running

    I have been using the same wireless card/router and OS in my desktop for 6
    months and have not had a single problem until I installed the latest updates
    for windows vista ultimate. At first I thought it might be a problem with my
    router so I fiscally hook up my computer and I was able to access the
    internet with no problem. My computer is unable to view or connect to any
    wireless network. After running the diagnostics I receive an error message
    that windows wireless service is not running. There is a convenient little
    button that asks if I would like to run windows wireless service so I press
    it only to get another error message informing me that it can not start and I
    should contact my system admin. I have searched discussion boards with little
    success. The only suggestions that I have found are 1) there is a registry
    issue which needs to be edited 2) I need to reinstall the OS. I would rather
    not reinstall and the registry edit did not work so if anyone has any
    suggestion I would greatly appreciate it.

    thank you!

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    Violent Ken Guest

    Re: windows wireless service -- not running

    services.msc and check if the WLAN config service is set to 'disabled'
    try setting it to 'manual'

    Violent Ken

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    william davidson Guest

    Re: windows wireless service -- not running

    If this s still an issue you can

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