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Thread: Preinstalled recovery options

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    PaNdA Guest

    Preinstalled recovery options

    I read that Vista Recovery options can be started from the bootable vista
    dvd or, if computer manifacturer has provided recovery solution, can be
    launched directoly by pressing F8 during boot and then selceting System
    My pc (Dell) has a recovery partition and vista recovery options starts by
    pressing F8.
    In this case there are standard options like: system repair, system
    restore... command prompt and another option called Dell system restore,
    that restore the pc at the same state when i received at home.
    If i install another version of vista i will lose the preinstalled system
    recovery options, how can i reinstall it in order to be accessible from F8
    key and have the dell recovery option yet?
    Remind that i have a separate partition on disk with Dell recovery files.

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    peter Guest

    Re: Preinstalled recovery options

    if you do not touch that seperate recovery partition you will not lose the will recover to the original OS.
    So it really depends on how you wish to install that "other"
    version.........upgrade what you have now..the recovery will put the old
    Create a 2nd partition and install that other version there.....the recovery
    will revert it back.
    Install a 2nd HD and install that "other: Vista there....the recovery
    process will not touch it.
    There are other options for recovery one of them is to Image/Clone the HD to
    another HD and put that drive away in a safe place.

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    PaNdA Guest

    Re: Preinstalled recovery options

    Now i have vista home premium 32bit on a single partition (raid 0); new OS
    will be Vista 64bit and i will format that partition and install on it.
    Obviously the recovery partition will never be touch, but i think that i
    will not be able to run System recovery by hitting F8 during boot anymore.
    What do you think about?

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    Paul Randall Guest

    Re: Preinstalled recovery options

    I think that the F8 option is something provided in the master boot record.
    I have no idea whether that will be screwed up by your formatting and
    installing 64bit Vista. Maybe someone with actual experience will give us
    some clues.

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    PaNdA Guest

    Re: Preinstalled recovery options

    ok, but HOW the pc manifacturer install it on MBR (if is it) for the first
    it must be a way to install system recovery in order to run with F8, i'm
    looking for that.

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    Cal Bear '66 Guest

    Re: Preinstalled recovery options

    Yes, from experience, a format will remove the F8 recovery option. However, if
    Recovery DVDs are made from the Recovery partition, you can still reinstall the
    factory setup (and, at least with HP, there must be only ONE hard disk in the
    machine for a successful recovery from the DVDs, although it doesn't have to be
    the original hd. The recovery process from DVDs will repartition, format, and
    recreate the Recovery partition). This is my experience with the HP recovery

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    Paul Randall Guest

    Re: Preinstalled recovery options

    Do you think that if the person saved the MBR to a file with something like
    MBRWiz, formatted the non-recovery partition, and then restored the MBR,
    would the F8 option be displayed and it would work?

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    Cal Bear '66 Guest

    Re: Preinstalled recovery options

    I don't know.

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