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Thread: Can't install Soundmax software

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    Fitz Guest

    Can't install Soundmax software

    Built a new Vista64 system and am using HD onboard sound (ADI AD 1988).
    Although the SoundMax program is listed in "Programs and Features", it
    is only 48kb, and the program doesn't appear to be present (and
    certainly not working). I have sound, but it is through the Windows
    default. It shows the SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio in
    properties, but the setup and management program isn't present. I did
    not install the program from the motherboard disk, but downloaded the
    latest version from the ASUS website specifically for 64 bit Vista.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    Fitz Guest

    Re: Can't install Soundmax software

    Uninstalled, restarted, re-installed using "Run As Administrator"-
    didn't work.


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    nightlight Guest

    Re: Can't install Soundmax software


    I dont think there is a soundmax version out yet from asus that
    includes the audio management software (mixer etc ) for vista 32/64,
    only the driver is available. There is a thread on asus's own forums
    about this, someone has found a version, but you have to do some
    software changes to get it to work. If you hover your mouse over the
    speaker icon in your taskbar you should see Soundmax HD audio..if you
    do, its installed, but you have to use the microsoft default to control

    HTH, :(



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    Fitz Guest

    Re: Can't install Soundmax software

    Thanks- and the Microsoft software isn't giving me full control over the
    audio. It test fine using the MS speaker configuration (all speakers
    work), but when I play music, I get 2.1 sound vs.5.1.


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    nightlight Guest

    Re: Can't install Soundmax software

    Yup thats the rub at the mo....many threads about the speaker test
    operating correctly but only stereo most of the time..:(

    I play Everquest 2 and it plays through all speakers ok so it must be
    the way vista handles sound....mibbi,perhaps, i

    check out the forums at

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    Robodob Guest

    Re: Can't install Soundmax software

    Hi, just found this thread the now.

    I'm having this problem with soundmax only working with 2.1 despite the
    speaker test working (as bad as it is). I was wondering is there ANY
    way of getting 5.1 to work with this thing?

    I'm willing to spend a decent amount of money on a new soundcard if
    nessecary as my old creative card didn't work EITHER! I just want my
    surround sound back :'(

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