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Thread: Error Code 1231 Network Location cannot be reached.

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    Error Code 1231 Network Location cannot be reached.

    Hey guys, i need some urgent help from you all. I want to deploy a Vista image on XP based Machine. I used SMS Tool +Wins (Windows internnet Naming Service) but the process gets failed everytime with an error message saying:

    "1231 Network location cannot be reached."

    As per troubleshooting i tried updating all drivers, also osdshell.exe to osdshell.lab but yet no success. Getting the same error every time. I dint found anything related on Web as well. Hope anyone here can help me out with the same. Thank you.

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    Re: Error Code 1231 Network Location cannot be reached.

    Just try out the following. Right click My Computer icon from the desktop and select Manage. Click Device Manager. Now click on 'view' and select 'show hidden devices'. Now click Network Adapters and delete everything. Restart the computer and now it is should work fine.

    For more information on the same problem i will suggest you to better check the following MS Article describing: "Network Location Cannot be Reached" when accessing shares

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