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Thread: Printer continually offline

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    Printer continually offline

    Hi - I recently set up a Brother MCF 665CW on a wireless network with
    an HP laptop running on Vista. Initially everything worked fine but a
    few days later (the next time someone tried to print) the laptop
    showed that the printer was offline.

    I have tried the following:
    - made sure "use printer offline" was set (or whichever way around its
    supposed to be; I did check this with Brother)
    - pinged the printer successfully
    - turned printer on and off
    - disabled "enable bidirectional support"
    - spent 1 hr 50 mins on the phone with Brother support and went
    through everything with them that they could suggest
    - uninstalled, reinstalled software and drivers

    I think that's about it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Paul in Montreal Guest
    I've found a solution (worked for my setup) that clears the printer offline
    problem when printing from a Vista laptop PC over a home network to a printer
    connected to a Windows98 desktop PC. I never had this problem with my XP
    Home laptop accessing the printers on the Windows98 PC.

    With the Vista PC, I was always able to Add my 2 printers (HP PSC 1350 and
    Canon i560) using Vista's wizard (Add a local printer), but after a restart
    of the Vista PC, both printers would be offline. In Printer properties,
    Ports tab, both printers would appear as Client Side Rendering Provider under
    the Description column.

    My Vista PC is a new Dell Inspiron 1420, Vista Home Premium (WiFi networking).
    My print server is a Dell Dimension V350, Windows 98 (ethernet networking).
    Home network is WiFi using a D-Link 624 router, WPA-PSK security enabled.
    Canon i560 bubblejet printer on parallel port of Dell Dimension V350
    HP PSC 1350 on USB port of Dell Dimension V350

    Here's the fix:
    1. In Control Panel, Printers, delete offline printers. If they wont
    delete, it may be because there are pending print jobs in the queue. Open the
    printer and Cancel the jobs.
    2. In Printer properties, Ports tab, delete the previoulsy installed
    printers (offline statuts) that appear as Client Side Rendering Provider
    under the Description column. To do this, highlight the port, then click on
    Delete Port button. Click Apply.
    3. Restart your PC.
    4. Now reinstall the printers as follows:
    5. Open Control panel, Printers, and click Add a printer.
    6. Click Add a local printer.
    7. Select the "Use an existing port" radio button, and select LPT1: (Printer
    Port). Click Next.
    8. Install the printer driver. Mine were found in the list inlcuded with
    Vista. Select the manufacturer and the printer. Click Next.
    9. In the next window, accept the printer name or type in a new name. Leave
    the "Set as default printer" box unchecked. Click Next.
    10. Vista should now install the printer. A window should open saying
    "You've successfully added printer name.
    11. DO NOT Print a test page at this time, because nothing is connected to
    the LPT1 port on the laptop. Just press Finish. The printer you just added
    should appear in the Printers window.
    12. Click ONCE on the newly added printer to highlight it, then right-click
    and open Properties.
    13. On the Ports tab, click Add Port…, select Local Port, then click New Port…
    14. When the Port Name window open, Enter a port name as follows:
    (replace computername with the name of your PC acting as print server, and
    printername with the name of your printer). Click OK.
    15. You should now have a new port listed on the Ports tab of the printer
    Properties, but now the Description should be Local Port, instead of Client
    Side Rendering Provider. Click OK.
    16. Now you can go to the General tab, and Print a Test Page.

    Hopefully, your test page will print. Then restart your computer to check
    that the printer comes back online.

    This procedure worked for me. Hope it works for you too. Let me now. Good

    PS: bi-directional printer support is enabled.

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    Re: Printer continually offline

    This may work. BEFORE sending the print job, go to the control panel and open the printer icon. Then, RIGHT-CLICK on the printer to which you intend to send your print job. Choose the option about halfway down, to Use printer online. This will change the status from use printer offline to use printer online. It should work.

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    Re: Printer continually offline

    This is how I solved the problem with my printer showing offline -

    1. Go to Control Panel.
    2. Select Printer
    3. Rght-Click the printer you are trying to setup. Select Properties
    4. Click on the ports tab
    5. Make sure you have the correct port ticked. (I had a lot of redundant ports from previous installations!)

    This worked for me. I hope it does for you :)
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