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Thread: "Windows Explorer has stopped working" message

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    ericvista Guest

    "Windows Explorer has stopped working" message

    Thats the message when I boot up. The pc will still goes to desktop and as
    soon as the above message appears, I cannot click on anything on the desktop.
    Right click any icon nothing happens.

    Details of the message/problems as stated:-

    Faulty module name:- afkvvy.dll_unloaded

    When I close the above message box, it will disappear and reappear. During
    the momentarily disappearance, I can click the icon and say right vlick the
    icon it will give a dialog box.

    When I boot in save mode, pc will hang once the message appears and it will
    appear even before we can see the 4 :safe mode" words at the corners.

    Something must have been installed into the pc which I have no idea. Any
    idea then how can I fix this problem, thanks

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    Malke Guest

    Re: "Windows Explorer has stopped working" message

    A Google for "afkvvy.dll" brings me nothing. This could mean that the
    file belongs to malware or it could mean that the file belongs to
    something legitimate that just isn't working. Since I don't know
    anything about your computer and how Vista was installed (by you as an
    upgrade, clean install, preinstalled on new computer), I can't guess.

    So, what is the virus/malware status of the computer? If you think it is
    clean, what antivirus/antispyware programs did you use to determine this?

    If the machine is clean, then you can do some clean-booting
    troubleshooting to see what is starting with Windows and causing the

    How to perform a clean boot in Vista and XP -

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    marty Guest

    Re: "Windows Explorer has stopped working" message

    hi ,
    -- this has happened to me also ,it seemed to be a compatibility problem
    with a downloaded program in my case. The only chance you've got is to do a
    system restore from startup.If you are using nav2007 you wont be able to do
    this without disabling norton first , you can do this using safe mode with
    command prompt ihave all details from norton if needed hope this helps

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    ericvista Guest

    Re: "Windows Explorer has stopped working" message

    Reading from other's posts and did a Superantispyware scan and deleted
    whatever the outcome. Upon boot up, now the message is the "Internet explorer
    is not working" and the fault module is "stackhash.dll" which cannot be clean
    by spybot. I try to run housecall but it will not allow me to download the
    definitions and "zero' finding.

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    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    Re: "Windows Explorer has stopped working" message

    What's the current fault information present for the current crash in the
    Problem Reports and Solutions center?

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