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    Mariap Guest problem

    I keep having problems with this codec and I don't know if that is the reason
    why I can't use the Windows Movie maker, besides everytime that I try
    downloading videos I keep getting this error messages regarding
    and some Regsvr32. I have no idea what that is and I really don't understand
    how to solve the problem with it. I tried following every step that Windows
    gave me for solving the troubleshoot problems with but they just
    won't work!! And when trying to unregister the codec there's some kind of
    error message that doesn't make sense. I would really appreciate any help. I
    have a Compac computer with Windows Vista, and it doesn't seem ok that it's
    having so many problems, because it's practically new. Thank you very much!

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    Malke Guest

    Re: problem

    I have no idea what steps "Windows" gave you for solving the problem,
    but try the following:

    There are a couple of different fixes for this depending on what you
    have installed on your system.

    1. If you have Nero, update to the very latest version. You would get
    the latest version from Nero's website.

    2. Unregister the Ligos codecs (, etc.). To do this, click on
    the Start Orb and type "cmd.exe". Then right-click on Cmd and choose Run
    As Administrator. You will see the cmd prompt. At the prompt, type:

    regsvr32 /u [enter]

    You'll get a confirmation box saying the unregistration was successful.
    Do this for every codec for which you get the error.

    3. If after the unregistering you get an error that the codec can't be
    found, log into an account with administrative privileges. Go to Control
    Panel>Folder Options>View. Set the options to see all hidden files.

    Now go to C:\Windows\System32 and find the .dll for which you got the
    error. Right-click on it and Rename to (ex.) Log off and
    go back to your regular account and see if you can play the movie file
    by double-clicking on it now. You should not get the error any more.

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    Re: problem

    Works GREAT !

    Thanks !!

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