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Thread: How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"

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    OzAndrew Guest

    How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"


    I am the only user on my Dell Inspiron laptop. I have an administrators
    account. I'm very new to Vista. I'm forever being prompted to allow programs
    to run etc. When I try to run task manager I get the error as in the subject
    line. I know I can individually run each one as administrator but that's a
    real pain.
    One of my scripts is also have a problem running the following command:

    fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");

    Is this due to security as well?

    How can I change my login/permissions/access to not prompt me for any
    "security" when running these programs?

    Many Thanks


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    Mason Guest

    RE: How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"

    There is a way to turn off the UAC, but if you turn it off, you must re
    enable it to allow the installation of programs that require access to the
    Temp folder in your user account.

    to turn it off:

    1. go to control panel
    2. Open the Users panel
    3. Click "Turn User Account Control On or Off"
    4. Uncheck the box next to "User User Account Control (UAC) to help protect
    your computer."
    5. Click OK

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    Carey Frisch [MVP] Guest

    Re: How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"

    Please read the following and become better informed:

    Understanding User Account Control in Windows Vista

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    Rock Guest

    Re: How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"

    Turn off UAC, but I wouldn't recommend that. If you want to, go to Start |
    Help and Support and search on UAC. Turning it off will disable protected
    mode in IE, among other issues.

    Even when running from an account with admin privileges, you are running as
    a standard user. When a program runs that wants admin privileges, such as
    Task Manager to display processes for all users, you will get the prompt to
    elevate. You can't grant permission for this, with UAC on, for all future
    running of that admin program. It would defeat the protection.

    The purpose of UAC is to give you control over what runs with admin
    privileges. Here are some links with more info about UAC.

    Inside Windows Vista User Account Control (Mark Russinovich)

    Jesper Johansson's Blog

    Why is Windows Vista always asking for my permission: An explanation of UAC
    (User Account Control) by
    MVP Jimmy Brush

    Windows Vista User Account Control Step by Step Guide (TechNet)

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    OzAndrew Guest

    Re: How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"

    Hi Rock,

    Thanks for your reply.

    With my firewall, anti virus system and spyware/adware checker running, I
    think I'll turn off UAC anyway. I want to take a step forward with Vista,
    and can only see me going backwards at 110 m/h with all the extra prompts
    and time to display the messages etc.

    Note that turning it off still did not fix this jscript problem :(

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    Rock Guest

    Re: How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"

    Sure, Andrew, I understand, it's your choice, I just don't recommend it.
    It's a paradigm shift going to Vista. My choice is to work in the new
    paradigm and adjust my style of working. After the initial setup UAC is not
    very intrusive, at least in what I do.

    Sorry I can't help with the jscript issue. Good luck.

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    WBurchnall Guest

    Re: How to avoid "The requested operation requires elevation"

    If your using Ultimate, there's a way you can turn off even more
    security features involving UAC. Even more than turning off UAC in User
    Account Controls.

    Start > Start Search > Local > (click on Local Security Policy Editor)
    > Choose Security > Look at the bottom of the list for entries starting

    with UAC: > Ta da! More hidden UAC options you can turn off.

    ***Important note***
    Ultimate only, won't work with home
    basic/premium/business/enterprise(afaik). Sorry.

    Personally though, I'm with Rock. UAC is for your protection. I
    personally don't use it, but would never turn it off my grandmother's pc


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