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Thread: Can't upload photos to various websites

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    Margaret Guest

    Can't upload photos to various websites

    Ever since I got windows vista (home basic edition with IE7) I have been
    unable to upload photos to the following websites:,, I have a feeling this would happen for
    other websites as well but these are the only ones I've tried so far. It
    gives the "internet explorer can't display this page" after I tell the
    websites to upload a photo. (This is the same message that comes up when
    you're trying to access websites when you're not connected to the internet.)

    I have read some articles about disableing add-ons, which I've tried, but it
    hasn't fixed the problem. Is there some security feature I can disable that
    will allow me to upload photos to websites? I have checked my security
    programs but can't find any option for this... Are there any add-ons in
    particular I might have missed that might hinder photo uploading? PLEASE
    HELP, this is really frustrating. Thanks!!

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    yang Guest

    RE: Can't upload photos to various websites

    Hi, i'm suffering slightly more then you. I can't even display me display
    pics on MSN live messenger and there is not audio output when I watch any
    clips on If you do have any solutions PLS HELP ME TOO..

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    divinednve Guest

    RE: Can't upload photos to various websites

    I am having the same issues with the security popup so I tried to use a
    feature that XP had to publish files to web that had worked just fine but
    that feature isn't on Vista Home Premium. I love Vista but I miss the XP
    features and lack of issues.

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    Amanda Guest

    RE: Can't upload photos to various websites

    Yeah, I have the same problem...I just got a new laptop with Vista Home &
    Student, and on this computer I am unable to load pics onto
    browser freezes, grays over, and won't respond so I have to close it. I
    look for any options that would fix the problem, but couldn't find it. My old
    computer has been disabled now, so I can't use my XP account.

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    BuddyRuffNZ Guest

    RE: Can't upload photos to various websites

    I also have Windows Vista (Home Basic Edition with IE7). I have been unable
    to upload pictures to Snapfish, and my daughter has been unable to upload a
    Word document to a school site. WE NEED HELP!!! I have been searching for
    an answer, but only find more questions.

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    Davebert Guest

    RE: Can't upload photos to various websites

    I have experienced this problem on two different systems since "upgrading" to
    Vista and it occurs with all image uploads (Flickr, Facebook). When this
    problem occurs my router (Belkin Wireless G adapter version 1000) hangs and
    must be restarted to regain a connection. What appears to be the problem is
    that some routers are incompatible with aspects of Vista.

    Switching to a different router or using other peoples networks I did not
    experience the problem.

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