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Thread: Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

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    Fermanagh Guest

    Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    Every few days Firefox crashes and i get that usual vista error saying that
    it has stopped working. I reboot and sometimes it works and other times it
    doesn't. I've applied all known updates but seems the problem appears and
    disappears. Microsoft's supposed solution is to download the latest version
    of firefox but saying as I already have that it's not really a solution!

    Anyone else experiencing these firefox crashes?

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    Apr 2007
    Do you experience the same crashes running FF in Safe Mode (not Windows
    Safe Mode)? If not, you may have installed a Theme or Extension that is
    causing the crashes.

    The text for menus or while browsing? For changing while browsing, use
    Ctrl- to make smaller or Ctrl+ to make larger.

    Does holding the ALT key down and rolling the mouse wheel move the font size
    up/down to what you want??

    Yes it says contorl - or + under view and text size , tried it b4 but no go ,
    it`s only on sites like or

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    Thomas Olsen [MSFT] Guest

    Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    Hello Fermanagh,

    I would like to share your problem with the team that sends our these
    problem reports. I need some more information from you. Please go to Control
    panel -> Problem reports and solutions -> View problem history, and then
    double-click the problem. Please copy the report information for me,
    including the "Bucket ID" that should be at the bottom of the report.


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    Zomby88 Guest
    Put on explorer then on firefox and you will see what I mean ,
    it`s not a big deal just strange . Using the wheel also works but it will
    only go so small on Firefox , I love Firefox it`s all I use on my XP hard
    drive . But Explorer works great with Vista so k sa ra sa ra !!! Wait a
    minute I don`t sing I play the guitar : )

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    Tandebauer Guest
    I have ran firefox 2 and now firexfox 3.0.3 ( just upgraded because of crashes) on vista. My firefox just started randomly crashing a week ago, without any noticable changes in the system. Nothing has worked to make it more stable.Upgrading to the latest versions of firefox and google desktop. Deleting all add-ons and themes. Firefox will stayup about 5 min.

    Any advice would be great!!

    I no longer have a problem with Firefox crashing. After windows updated I would try Firefox to see if it had improved. It finally quit crashing, so I'm not sure which update fixed the problem. I also checked programs that Ihad recently installed in case they were causing conflicts with Firefox.

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    Jan 2009

    Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    I'm also having the problem of firefox crashing constantly with vista. I notice that the earlier posts are from '07, so obviously the problem is not fixed.

    I fill out crash reports and try windows solutions, etc, but so far nothing works.

    The only additional information I can add is that most of the crashes occur when I click on a Google link (e.g. my Gmail account) or a Google search link.

    Perhaps firefox's security features conflict with Google, since Google does have a number of sneaky snoops in its services.

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    Feb 2009

    Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    i've been having a ridiculous amount of crashes per day with firefox 3 w/vista.
    often when i try to open it first it takes 3 retries before i can get it started.
    it will crash randomly about 3-5 times.
    Last edited by goombapatrol; 09-02-2009 at 08:55 AM.

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    XYZ Man Guest
    FireFox receives plaudits on a regular basis. It far outshines IE. I have been using it for several years without a major problem. I currently use it with Vista with no problems. Do you have the newest version? Have you tried an uninstall and reinstall? Have you got it set as your default browser?
    Check this site for help:

    Have you tried a clean (new) profile? I've been using FF for years and always
    migrated my profile to the next version. I've also had strange things happen
    that I could never fix or explain. One of the more annoying was javascript that
    wouldn't execute, no matter if I enabled it or not.

    Created a new profile, imported my bookmarks, reloaded the addons and all of a
    sudden, things are working.

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    Mar 2009
    Cornfields of Illinois

    Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    I too have constant crashes with the new versions of F/F.
    It used to run without any issues until about about Jan. 2009.
    My O/S (Vista Home Premium) and all other software are always kept current.
    I have the same issues with other computers running the same O/S.
    I will soon give up running F/F as it has become more trouble then it is worth,
    I'm not sure there are any real advantages to running it any longer. The constant updates are a red flag that it has as many "security issues" as I/E.

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    May 2009
    i have exactly the same problem. constant crashes. at least 2 or 3 a day. can't even close down ff with taskmanager. sometimes whole machine locks up and cant even switch off without power reset.

    surely this must be as much vista as ff? vista is a joke. windows 3.1 was more reliable. ms have lost the plot. i would like to continue using ff but am forced to abort now. dont want to use ie tho.

    No problem here with either Vista Ultimate or Win7 RC1. As for saying
    Win 3.1 was more reliable, what ARE you smoking?

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    Malcolm McCaffery Guest

    Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    Firefox works OK here on Windows 7 RC1 (64 bit & 32 bit) and Windows Vista
    Ultimate 32 bit & 64 bit. Windows 3.1 was reliable if you didn't turn it on.

    Do you have any add on installed in Firefox? Have you tried running Mozilla
    Firefox (Safe Mode)?

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    measekite Da Monkey Guest

    Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    Now that is funny. Just because FF doesn't work well with your copy of
    Vista, you assume it's the fault of FF and Vista? Maybe it's a problem with
    YOUR machine. Maybe you screwed up something or maybe you have a virus.
    Could be a million things.

    Maybe you should smoke a BOWL.

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    Tom [Pepper] Willett Guest
    What did the experts in the FireFox newsgroup say when you asked them?

    No such problems with Firefox here.

    I did have connectivity problems with AT&T until I switched providers.

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    Nov 2009
    San Francisco
    I have had a similar problem for about 2 weeks after I upgraded to the latest Firefox on my Vista system. (I simultaneously bought a 2Wire modem from AT&T and 3 visits from their techs swear the external signal is strong. Unpowering the 2Wire doesn't help.) But every session, my Firefox crashes usually 3-7 hours; once as little as 75 minutes, another as long as 12 hours. I have to reboot the system to re-establish the signal. I'm afraid I'm going in the opposite direction - I'm consolidating all my electronic services to AT&T -- and I'm not sure I can hold them responsible for the 2Wire modem as I'm supposedly getting a clear ethernet signal and it's giving a reliable wireless signal to my wife's XP with a Netgear receiver.

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    Gene E. Bloch Guest

    Re: Firefox constantly crashes on Vista

    I have too little expertise to "help" further, so I hope it all goes well
    for you.

    There are so many browsers around (IE, of course; Google Chrome, Safari,
    and more) that you could try one or more of them to see if the problem is
    deeply connected to Firefox..

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