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Thread: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

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    Daz Guest

    HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    Hoping that someone can help as my wife is extremely frustrated with printing
    from her laptop onto the above. The printer is networked directly into our
    router and did work briefly when first installed.

    Now I get this message: Spooler subsystem app stopped working and closed.

    I've read various threads on this but none of the suggested solutions
    appears to work. I've tried loading software directly from CD (get an error
    message right at the end) & Vista (but I have input the IP address) and I
    still get an error message (Unable to install printer. Operation could not be
    completed error 0x000006be).

    Please help as desperate.

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    Donant Guest

    RE: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    I have a similar problem with my Color LaserJet 2840. When i try to install
    the latest evrsion of the software while Vista tring to add a new printer an
    error like decribed by Daz occur. In my case i have an error by stop
    Explorer. Also if i try to add a printer from the printer panel choosing
    network printer, i have always the same problem, and i cant add printers.

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    Dan [MSFT] Guest

    Re: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    From what you described, it sounds like the driver you installed is causing
    the spooler to crash. Did you get the latest Vista compatible driver?

    I think it can be downloaded from here:

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    Daz Guest

    Re: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    Thanks Dan. Unfortunately this website says the driver isn't yet available.
    Sounds like I may have to wait. What I don't understand is why it did work
    and now it doesn't!

    If you think of anything else please let me know - July seems a long way off

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    DevilsPGD Guest

    Re: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    That printer is just a PCL6 implementation, correct? If so, I suspect
    the same generic PCL6 drivers that work on my 2605 might work.

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    D. Hawkins Guest

    Re: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    This is totally unacceptable. One of my networks consists of the following:
    five Windows XP Professional machines, one Windows XP Home machine, one
    Windows 2003 Server machine, and one Linux Fedora Core 6 machine. All of
    these computers can easily print to my HP LaserJet 2600n printer. However,
    my Windows Vista Ultimate just dies when trying to print a simple test page
    via a local TCP/IP port—the same as all of the others. Even my Linux Fedora
    6 test machine can happily print to the printer.

    Granted, HP is partially to blame. However, I don’t understand how
    Microsoft chose to leave out Vista compatible drives for one of the most
    popular printers on the market? Even after using the built-in LaserJet 2605
    drivers and the HP Universal PCL6 driver, nothing happens—at least the
    spooler does not stop.

    So, if there is something that I need to print from the Vista machine, I
    need to save it to my server, connect from one of the reliable, XP machines
    and print from there, huh? No, I guess I should run out and purchase a new
    printer. Now that I think about it, I should go ahead and get one with
    built-in duplexing. Hmmm.

    Oh, this does not include other OS frustrations. Some of them I can take;
    however, with something as simple as printing, no.

    Thank you, but I think I will uninstall Vista, get my $400.00 back, and
    install Novell openSUSE 10.2—I need to get up to speed on other Linux distros
    anyway. Hey, with the saved $400.00, I can take the wife out a few times.

    With luck, M$ may get my money again in the future. I think I will do as
    other major companies are doing: wait for SP1—or later—and then see if M$
    finally has the bugs worked out. Bugs that should not have been there in the
    first place.

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    John Guest

    Re: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    I have a hp Color LaserJet 2600n & it's working fine with Vista. Go to hp,
    download the latest drivers for XP and install them after right clicking on
    the .EXE file & run it as administrator.

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    Birk Binnard Guest

    Reposted from below

    The following steps are what I discovered over about a 4 day period. My
    system is Vista Home Premium and I have a LaserJet 2500 color printer. I
    was previously running XP Home SP2 and I figured it would be easy to
    move the LJ2500 over to my new Vista machine and still use the XP system
    as a backup.

    Needless to say moving the printer was the hardest part of migrating
    from XP to Vista. I'll just list the steps needed to get the printer to

    1. Go to the HP website and download/install the Vista PCL6 driver. Here
    is the link for that:

    2. Using the Control Panel/1Printer/Add Printer function, add your
    printer. When you do this use the top option which says something like
    "Use this option only if you have a non-USB printer..."; use this option
    even if your printer is actually using a USB connection. For the printer
    port specify either USB (if that's what you are using) or LPTx (if using
    a parallel port.)

    3. This should get your printer to print OK, but there will be 2
    problems: (1) if the printer is a color one (the 2500 is a color
    printer), your printer will print only B/W, and (2) the HP Status
    Monitor software will not be able to communicate with the printer
    because it (the software) needs to use something called a DOT4
    connection, not a USB connection.

    4. You need to install the DOT4 port to get the HP Status Monitor to
    work. You can install this from the CD that originally came with your
    printer but you have to run the Setup program in XP Compatibility mode.
    To do this browse to the Setup.exe program on the CD, right click on
    it, Select Options/Compatibility and specify Run in compatibility more
    for Windows XP. This will let you install the printer (again); this
    time use the DOT4 port that will be an option. However, it will have a
    problem: it will be set to PCL5. This is not good.

    5. You now have 2 printers installed. One is using PCL6 and a USB (or
    parallel) port; the other is using PCL5 and the DOT4 port. Take a deep
    breath and delete the PCL5/DOT4 printer. The go to the Properties/Ports
    tab for the PCL6 printer and change the port to DOT4. This port type
    was what you did Step 4 for; there is no place on the HP website where
    you can download the DOT4 port driver.

    6. Your printer should work OK and so should the HP Status Monitor. I
    did a couple of reboots between several of these steps but I'm not sure
    that's necessary.

    Remember, the key is to get PCL6 and a DOT4 port in your printer's

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    Nov 2007

    Vista LaserJet 2600n 0x000006be problem


    Here's what i did...didn't inslall driver on Vista, on Vsta Machine, Administrative tools, Print Management, add new print server ( it si the server where the printer is installed).
    Then browse printer on network and printer will connect.

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    HP Color Laserjet 2605dn doesn't show Duplex option on Vista 32bit computer

    I had to reinstall Vista on my networked computer. Now I do not have the duplex option when printing from this computer. Other than that, the printer is working. Help, please.

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    Ken Blake, MVP Guest

    Re: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    "Had to"? Why? It's seldom necessary and seldom even a good idea.

    You very likely need to download and install the correct driver for
    the printer.

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    Re: HP Color Laserjet 2600n

    once can try see is your hardware parts are fine in their respective positions or not, any paper feeds are giving these problems, first check that then go with reinstall option!

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