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Thread: Manual Delete Restore Points

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    Disp350 Guest

    Manual Delete Restore Points

    Trying to figure out how to manually remove system restore points in Vista
    Home Basic. Whenever I try to delete them, I receive an Access Denied pop
    up. In order to access the folder (and other folders that Vista does not
    like you messing with), I gave ownership to the entire C drive to the
    administrators group. This allowed me to go in a clean up all them temp
    files that never seem to get deleted. I don't like to keep more than 5
    restore points since it gobbles up disk space. Today there was 34GB of
    restores in there. I used the System Restore applet to delete all but the
    latest backup, but I want to manually control the amount of restores in
    there. Can someone advise of a workaround?

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    Carey Frisch [MVP] Guest
    One cannot delete individual restore points. This is by design.

    The way I would do this is to turn off system restore. Restart. Shut
    down the computer for about an hour, including removing power to the
    box. The start back up from scratch. Re-engage sys-restore after you do
    a disk cleanup. Then make an initial restore point from where you are
    at. Hopefully there won't be anything to go wrong during the process.

    Why shut the computer down for an hour? All you have to do is turn off
    system restore, reboot, then turn system restore back on. The reboot handles
    it all.

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    Ronnie Vernon MVP Guest
    You cannot delete individual restore points. The reason is that each restore
    point depends on the other restore points to function properly. The best
    option is what you already did, which is to delete all but the most recent
    restore point.

    You should not change the permissions, especially for the system drive.

    You can delete all types of temporary files by using the Disk Cleanup tool.
    Start/All Programs/Accessories/Disk Cleanup.

    It sounds like your maximum size for System Restore is way too large. Not
    sure how this happened, but it should be set to a maximum of about 10GB. You
    can check the amount of disk space allocated for shadow storage with the
    command prompt. As the maximum allocated size is approached, older restore
    points will be automatically deleted.

    Go to Start and type cmd in the Program, right click the cmd item and
    select "Run as administrator" option. OK the UAC prompts.

    When the command window opens, type the following.

    vssadmin list shadowstorage
    Press ENTER.

    The result will show the current amount of Used, Allocated, and Maximum
    allowed size for the Volume Shadow Storage on your system. The following
    command will set the maximum amount of disk space used for the shadow
    storage to 10GB.

    vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=C: /MaxSize=10.0GB
    Press ENTER.

    (type the command as shown, including the spaces)
    You should see a message that the command succeeded.

    You can adjust the final value in the command to suit yourself. (ie: change
    10.0GB to 5GB)

    This command assumes that your system drive is C:

    Print this message.

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    Mick Guest
    By default in XP, it was set at 10% of the capacity of the hard drive. In XP,
    you could bring that down to a minimum of 400MBs. To have a look at it, click
    on Start, right-click Computer, left-click Properties. then, have a look at

    It's my understanding that setting the shadow storage size is temporary. The
    next time a restore point is created the storage size is set back to default.

    To check the storage size use the following command from the command prompt.

    There is a way to delete old restore points but you ll have to download a software called Tune Up utilities..go for 2009 version will get it with serial key on piratebay.Its a great software to repair your PC as well as it has an option of deleting old restore points in the option "free up disk".

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    Ronnie Vernon MVP Guest
    The only values I have seen changed when retore points are created or
    deleted are the Used/Allocated space.

    The Maximum space always seems to stick.

    Here is the result of some testing I did a while back. This is on Vista
    Ultimate with a 300GB SATA drive. Initially, the maximum size was set at
    40GB. I then reset the max size to 10GB and performed these tests over a
    period of 2 days.
    Before testing with 9 restore points available.

    Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 9.452 GB
    Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 9.724 GB
    Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 10 GB

    After using Disk Cleanup to delete all but the last restore point.

    Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 610.781 MB
    Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 900 MB
    Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 10 GB

    After one reboot.

    Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 629.625 MB
    Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 900 MB
    Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 10 GB

    After creating one additional restore point (2 total).

    Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 651.328 MB
    Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 934.266 MB
    Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 10 GB

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    Nil Guest
    Why are you responding to a thread that's more than three years old,
    and was already answered to the orginal poster's satisfaction? Do you
    think the guy is still waiting around to hear from you?

    The correct answer was made three years ago. If you had been searching,
    you would have found it.

    If you were looking for illegally cracked software that's probably
    crawling with viruses... well, I guess this was your lucky day! It will
    keep you entertained for days or weeks while rebuild your system.

    You mean like your post?

    So - you consider a small company like TuneUp to be "greedy"? How so?
    And you consider it best to steal their work, even though they offer a
    free, fully-functional demo, and there are several other free and
    effective solutions?

    How old are you, anyway?

    Nice dodge! You didn't answer a single pertinent question. I'll take
    that to mean that you have no problem with people stealing things just
    because they can, whether they need to or not, and to hell with those
    who are trying to feed themselves and their families by the fruit of
    their labor. Nice company line you got there - it's going to get YOUR
    clock cleaned eventually.

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    Dave-UK Guest
    If you are looking for software to remove restore points then Ccleaner
    has that option under Tools > System Restore.

    Your dedication to protecting the financial interests of the greedy software
    vendors is admirable. He can, however, simply DL a text file containing
    serial numbers for use with the legit product and avoid the virus risk.

    Old enough to spot a nitwit spouting the company line when I encounter one.
    If you can't offer anything more to a person asking for help than making
    remarks about the age of posts and other nonsense, why don't you put a lid
    on it? If I want to deal with a wiseass, I'll go to the corner bar and do
    it in comfort. But then, cowards like you never dare to spew your sarcastic
    drivel face to face, for fear of getting your clock cleaned no doubt.

    I can only echo BeeJ, as he says it all. Why don't you say something
    constructive, or just keep quiet.

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    Jul 2010
    hey Ccleaner is an awesome software .. i have used it but i didnt know it had a option to delete restore points..cheers for pointing that out!

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    Peter Foldes Guest

    Re: Manual Delete Restore Points

    This is how you manually Delete a Restore point
    System recovery Option in Windows XP,Vista and Win 7 by Microsoft MVP

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    Dave-UK Guest

    Re: Manual Delete Restore Points

    I can't see where it describes how to manually delete a restore point.
    Please quote the relevant text from your link.

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