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Thread: No Access to Documents and Settings Folder?

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    Harry Krause Guest

    No Access to Documents and Settings Folder?

    Supposedly I am the Admin on my own computer. Yet I cannot access the
    Documents and Settings folder. What's the secret for permanent
    permission access here?


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    Max Guest

    Re: No Access to Documents and Settings Folder?

    There's nothing you want or need there--it's not a folder. It's a junction
    that merely directs older or hard coded legacy applications to the new REAL
    Your stuff is now under ./Users/<user name>.

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    dean-dean Guest

    Re: No Access to Documents and Settings Folder?

    Vista has hidden junctions, which have the same names as folder names in XP.
    In Windows Explorer, these junctions are shown as hidden shortcuts, with
    File Folder properties, used, in part, to redirect XP program installations
    that rely on the old XP folder names and XP locations. They could be
    referred to as "redirectories".
    (If you try to "open" them, you'll get an access denied pop-up).


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