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Thread: Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

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    Marcus Guest

    Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

    Does anyone know if Microsoft plans to release power toys for Vista, I've
    used Tweak UI for years and I miss some of it's tweaks, I hope they do.


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    Richard Urban Guest

    Re: Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

    Microsoft didn't release PowerToys. They were done by Microsoft employees in
    their spare time (sort of a gift to the Window user community) and were
    unsupported by Microsoft. Maybe the employees currently do not have any
    spare time.

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    John Barnes Guest

    Re: Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

    TweakUI has no current plans. There is a paid utility that has some free
    tweaks called TweakVI which you can Google to find download locations

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    Marcus Guest
    Lets hope now Vista has been released they'll be getting board soon :-) No need to Google around when Carlos is hanging here!

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    kpwood Guest

    Re: Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

    Since if I remember correctly, "Vienna" is supposed to be released in 2009 as
    of right now, I don't think they'll be getting bored anytime soon.

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    Oct 2007

    Tweak UI HACK!

    There is a way to get the Tweak UI for XP to work in Vista. I don't know how wise it is to force it to work this way, because you're effectively changing the Vista registry with an XP registry editing program, but it does work. Here's how:


    Get the tweakui.exe file.
    a. You might already have it if you upgraded from XP and used Tweak UI in the good old days. If so, just move the file to anywhere but the C:\Windows\System32 directory ... Vista really doesn't like tweakui there. I put it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft.
    b. If you don't have the tweakui.exe file already, you have two options:
    i. Get it from a computer that has it. Simply copy the file (i.e. to a thumb drive or over a network) and slap it anywhere on your Vista machine (except the C:\Windows\System32 directory).
    ii. There's a rumor that you can extract tweakui.exe from the installation file available at the XP PowerToys site using WinRAR or some other such archiving program. I haven't tried this, though, but it might be worth trying?

    Set the tweakui.exe file to run with XP compatability.
    a. Right-click the file -> Properties -> Compatability tab -> check the CheckBox next to "Run this program in compatability mode for:" [Windows XP (Service Pack 2) -> Click OK.

    Run tweakui.exe as an Administrator
    a. Right-click the file -> Run as administrator -> Continue -> Run program
    b. TweakUI might popup behind other windows (it always does for me!)
    b. If you don't run as administrator, UAC will thwart your every change!
    c. If you have UAC turned off, you don't need to run as administrator. You also won't have to click "Continue" in step (a) above.

    Don't break your computer! I created AutoPlay handlers, I changed the places bar, and I changed the Templates successfully using this method. However, I can't guarantee the safety of these or any other changes you make with TweakUI!

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    Jan 2008

    Shortcut Arrow

    Does any one know how 2 remove the shortcut arrow off the icons without installing somthing like System Mechanic? I used 2 use Tweak UI under XP but now i am using Vista.

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    Ken Blake, MVP Guest

    Re: Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

    Others have told you how. I will recommend that you do *not* do this.
    The arrows serve an important function--providing quick visual
    identification of a shortcut. If you remove the arrows, you run the
    substantial risk that sooner or later you will delete something you
    wanted to keep, thinking that you were just deleting a shortcut to it.

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    Ken Blake, MVP Guest

    Re: Tweak UI Power toys in Vista

    The same is true here. Nevertheless, I think that's what makes the
    risk greater, not smaller. Because we are used to nothing but
    shortcuts being on the desktop, if very rarely we put something else
    there, it's easy to forget and assume that it too is a shortcut.

    Most of the time most of us are alert, and a problem like that doesn't
    occur. But sometimes when you're tired, had too much to drink, had a
    bad day at work, or had a fight with your wife, your guard gets let
    down. That's the time when accidents often happen. My view is that
    almost anything you can do to reduce the risk of an accident is

    My recommendation is not to remove the arrows. Removing the arrows
    increases the risk, for a benefit that's paltry at best. But it's just
    a recommendation. It's your computer, and you should feel free to do
    whatever you think best.

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    A nice little one is Frameworkx FxVisor. You just install it, run it, and choose whether you want the default arrow, a smaller arrow, no arrow, or a custom arrow.

    It doesn't need to run at boot, it does nothing other than change the arrow, and is a very small program. It should be perfect for what you want.

    You may use the free "FxVisor" tool
    Alternately you can use a blank icon (.ico) as the overlay by altering a reg

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    Aug 2008
    If you use FxVisor, then check your registry, you will notice that FxVisor has just done the registry edit for you, and I just find FxVisor easier. :P

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