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Thread: System restore error on Vista home premium

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    Sara Guest

    System restore error on Vista home premium

    When I attempt to use windows system restore I get an error message
    that says "the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is
    incorrect. 0x8007007B"

    Any ideas why I am not able to access system restore?


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    Jill Zoeller [MSFT] Guest

    Re: System restore error on Vista home premium

    Sara, can you provide the exact steps you are using to get this error? Also,
    what kind of computer are you using? Is it brand new or did you install
    Vista onto an existing computer?

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    Sara Guest
    Hi Jill,

    I had installed Print Workshop software 2006 LE to my brand new gateway
    GM5420 computer which came already installed with Vista Home Premium.
    Immediately after installation of this PrintWorkshop software I had errors
    and was not able to use it so decided to uninstall it. It would not allow me
    to uninstall this program via the control panel (I got error "PW2006.exe
    Common Language Runtime Debugging Services)
    It said it was a locked file.
    So, that is when I tried to go into System Restore to remove it that way.
    How I went into system restore was:

    Click on Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.
    So that I could restore to a point before I installed Print Workshop.

    But... I didn't get very far-- when I clicked on System Restore I got red
    circle with a x in it and said "there was an unexpected error" and "the
    filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. 0x8007007B
    System Restore will now close"

    Hope that helps clarify my problem better.
    Thanks for your help!

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    RoyR Guest

    Re: System restore error on Vista home premium

    I own a Toshiba laptop and did not install Print Workshop.
    I did, however replace my 100 gb drive with a 160 gb and I was getting
    the same message. I followed the instructions in this thread and my
    System Restore is now working like a charm.

    Thanks, RoyR :smile:


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    ihatevista Guest

    Re: System restore error on Vista home premium

    wow i've never seen this.

    Booted from the Vista DVD.

    - System restore can't find any restore points.
    - Windows backup can't find the backups on the second hard drive.
    - Startup Repair scanned everything, said it fixed the problem, but
    it still crashes at bootup
    - Tried to reinstall, but it would only let me install a clean copy,
    wiping the drive entirely.[image:]

    I even posted a 'video of the crashing at login'

    Last thing I can try is reinstalling Vista from safe mode but i have a
    feeling it won't let me


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