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Thread: Linksys Router. Vista compatible?

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    Linksys Router. Vista compatible?

    I just want to confirm that does Linksys router are compatible with windows vista. I am here trying to connect my laptop and facing a issue with the same. I am having a very old router and it use to work really well on windows xp. I am in need of some desperate help by which I can simply try to hook the router on my Vista system and I think that is going to really work well. But when I try to connect to the same network through a vista laptop the connectivity fails.

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    There is nothing like compatibility in routers. What you have to do is check properly the wifi standards. If the laptop is having some new standard that your old router does not support then you get this kind of problems. But if there is no issue with the standard then the problem lies with wifi settings. There can be ip conflict. What settings are you using. Does it is on dhcp or on manual ip setup. If it is on manual then you have to provide the ip address manually with other all dns configuration. Just test the same and try back.

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    I think the issue lies with ip config. Can you see the router in your wifi network. And what happens when you click on connect. Does it shows you limited connectivity or no internet access. Try to connect your laptop using a lan adapter and then see what output you are getting. I think that will be simply more appropriate in fixing the problem you are facing. What matters here is that your pc must get an appropriate ip address or else it might not work well. There will be problem with the connectivity stuff.

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