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Thread: Cannot access Windows.old folder

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    Cannot access Windows.old folder

    I had installed windows vista over windows xp. I had performed a clean installation here but still windows has created a windows.old folder on the screen. There are some bunch of programs which are inside that folder and later on I remember that I forget to copy the files from the desktop. So they just lies in that. But when I try to access the folders I am getting a error on the screen. The error is Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. I am getting this error everytime when I try to go in the folder. What should I do here.

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    The folder consist of old files. It is essential that you must have a admin access to your system and then you can open that. If you are on limited account of if there are some infection on your pc that has modified the file permission then you get this kind of problems. You can right click on the folder and then click on properties. In that click on security tab and modify the file permission. I am sure that will be simply more helpful in fixing the issue.

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    What is the actual issue you are getting can you explain that in more detail. Did you tried to access any other folder in the same directory. Here I will recommend you to run the setup once again which will be better. When you run the setup back ample of system files are restored and the issue is resolved. This is one of the best way to fix the issue. Windows.old folder will remain as it is. Just run the setup once again and then see how can fix it.

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    Try to access the same via command prompt. First right click on cmd and then choose run as > administrator. In command prompt you can use the CD command to change directory and enter into a different folder. That would be simply better. You can just copy the files from that into some other folder. That's all. That is quiet more than enough to fix the issue. Once the files are copy in some other directory then you would be able to access the files. It works really well.

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    I think the file or folder is damaged due to which you are getting that error. You can try opening the same under safe mode and see what output you are getting. Just boot your system in safe mode and then try to open the files. I hope that will be more simpler for you to fix the issue you are facing. It is possible to modify the permission settings. You just have to right click on the folder go in properties and click on security section. Add everyone under permission and then test back.

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    Did you moved the folder from some other place. If you want to access the files you have to go back in the same pc and then open it. That would be more easier for you. In this way you can copy your file and paste than in new pc. Or else things will not work here. In the old pc you will not face any problem related to file permission. But in the new one you will get error associated with the same. Just move the files and then try back what benefit you are getting.

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    Re: Cannot access Windows.old folder

    There is a tiny utility called as Unlocker. You can use this to unlock the file or folder which you are trying to access. Just download the application on your pc and then right click on the same and choose unlock. That would be more than enough to fix the issue. Once you click on unlock the file permission is restored and it is open to everyone. I think this would be more helpful for you to fix the issue.

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    Re: Cannot access Windows.old folder

    I had gone through the same issue windows xp. I was not able to access a system folder which was giving me exactly the same error. I was having a virus issue on my pc. I found that virus has modified the file permission due to which I cannot delete some folders. The error was constant in safe mode also. The last thing I did is ran a repair setup of windows. Then added a antivirus and scanned my pc. The issue was resolved. I think you must also try the same and checkout.

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