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Thread: Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

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    nord Guest

    Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

    My sister wants to use (final) Vista's integrated backup feature on her
    notebook to backup her data to DVD-RW. Problem is she always gets the
    message: "Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)"

    Looks like backup is denied access to some files even though I stopped all
    running applications (which shouldn't be necessary due to Vista's Shadow

    So I go into Event Viewer which only gives me the same error message like
    above and an event ID: 4104. Detail view shows me the same information in XML
    format and Event Log Online Help is no help.

    Then I find the folder C:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackup with .ETL files in it
    which I can open in Event Viewer. But the only thing they contain are log
    events that all look like this: "GUID=dbd33fcd-cfba-5174-7b1a-a59ff2eef057
    (No Format Information found)." Again each one with an event ID. The event
    IDs are 11, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 31, 33, 35, 36. Again, detail view, Event
    Log Online Help, and web search turn up nothing.

    I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't at least log out the files which
    Windows Backup was denied access to. Backup is important for me, but I'm
    clueless about what I can do at this point.

    Any idea is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Suess Guest
    Did you ever get a reply? I'm having the same problem.

    No, unfortunately not. And the problem still persists.

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    f14fxr Guest

    Re: Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

    I am having the same problem. Any help?? I am able to receive windows
    updates ok but can't do complete backup nor selected files backup. I have
    Vista Business edition. When I try and do complete backup it says not all
    volumes were selected so I can't do this even though all volumes are
    selected. Need help with this problem too. Maybe the two are related.

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    Jun 2008
    I had the same problem. In my case Norton Anti-Virus was detecting that the backup file was a virus and deleting it while it was being created. I disabled Auto-Protect and was able to complete the backup.

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    Wyccant Guest
    *Error 0x80070005 means that a file required is in use.
    I have the same problem, I'm assuming what it means is one of the files
    that it's trying to back up.
    If this is because the system needs write access then the question of
    why is a puzzler.
    I can't imagine it needs solo read access to files as this would make
    the whole backup process a non starter(?)

    So for full system backups you need to power off the PC?

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    Paul MontGumDropped Guest

    Re: Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

    I would say that this is your problem.

    Why would a back-up abort just because a file is open? It would just go
    around the opened file and not back it up, going on about its business.

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    the wharf rat Guest

    Re: Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

    Because to this day MS hasn't figured out how to allow a privileged
    process to (at least) acquire a read only handle to a locked file. They
    work around this by using shadow copy, but if you're not working from one

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    Paul MontGumDropped Guest

    Re: Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

    So, you're saying that what is in the link is not coming into play in
    some situations where access is denied. I find it hard to believe that a
    back-up would blown down because a file is open during a backup, and the
    back-up just wouldn't go around it and continue processing.

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    Re: Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

    Hi, I have had the same problem in trying to back up Vista ever since I had my PC. I have just noticed that there is a conflict between "Roxio" drag to disc and Windows explorer.
    I have un-installed all the "Roxio" programs from my system and Vista backup now works perfectly.
    Hope this helps - Chris

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    Re: Windows Backup failed. Error: Access denied (0x80070005)

    I have had a similar problem - same error code. I've got Kaspersky on my Vista system though. When I disable Kaspersky, I can perform the backup, but not with it turned on. Has anyone come up with a better workaround than turning off the Antivirus for every backup?

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