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Thread: Windows Media Player as UPNP Client

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    Bklynkaos Guest

    Windows Media Player as UPNP Client

    I am trying to setup my Windows vista Media Player as an UPNP client. I have
    an Xbox 360 and three windows vista machines in my home. One of the machines
    is a media center with playon and rhapsody. My Xbox can see and play upnp
    media from all of the various upnp media sources in my home. Among these are
    PlayON, Rhapsody and the music collecitons from all of the windows vista
    machines via upnp. I would like to be able to play upnp media between the
    windows machines. In particular I would like the ability to view playon and
    rhapsody on my other windows machines from within windows media player. I
    can see the upnp sources in network neighborhood however when i double-click
    the icons it seems not to open the media. The only media i see inside of the
    windows media is the other windows media music collections.

    This may seem weird but its important for me to be able to view the media
    this way because I am using a home integrated music player which will only
    play music out of the windows media player music collection. So if I'm able
    to get this to work this way then it would enable me to view and browse the
    music via remote controls in the home as well.

    Is there any way to play upnp music sources out of windows media player
    other than other windows media player libraries?

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    Scott D. Guest

    RE: Windows Media Player as UPNP Client

    Sorry I can't help... but I happen to be in the exact same position. Have
    you found a solution? I keep finding your same question all over the net!
    This seems like it should be easy.

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