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Thread: Recoving 7 Zip Archive - Cannot open file 'xampp.7z' as archive

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    GodsDead Guest

    Recoving 7 Zip Archive - Cannot open file 'xampp.7z' as archive

    Cannot open file 'xampp.7z' as archive error.

    Hey all, i recently created a backup of all my websites, databases and
    many projects, using a backup tool: cobian backup 9.
    This created three files for the folder i was backing up (my xampp
    These were three 7-zip files split into 700mb, 001, 002, and 003.

    I copyed these to an external HDD, re-formatted my Main HDD in my
    machine, re-insatlled windows and copyed them back over.

    I managed to extract these split up files from 001, which should give
    me the directory i backed up.. but it didnt it game me another 7-zip
    archive, this time an overall of the folder.. so it must have compressed
    a compressed file.. THing is i cant read/extract it!

    Now i cant open this archive with anything.. and its really important i
    get this data back..

    I have tryed WinRar, 7-Zip, The 'Tools > Decompresser' in Cobian..

    And im really starting to freak out, because i CANNOT lose this data..

    What can i do to get my data back?

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    Malke Guest
    I really feel for you. Now you know the reason for *testing* a backup first.
    You can try to contact the guy who wrote Cobian backup, although I don't
    think he's supporting it any more. The alternative - if no one else here has
    a suggestion for you - is to contact a professional data recovery company. I
    use Drive Savers ( This will not be cheap.

    Next time try a different backup program. I like Acronis True Image because
    it images your system and does incremental backups.

    You could pray a lot... OH, just noticed your moniker.

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    GodsDead Guest

    Re: Recoving 7 Zip Archive - Cannot open file 'xampp.7z' as archive

    Oh no, so no-one has used a 7z recovery programme that works?
    Most of the things i search, just seem to be a bunch of

    well im not going to lose hope yet, keep trying i suppose..

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    NetLink_Blue Guest

    Re: Recoving 7 Zip Archive - Cannot open file 'xampp.7z' as archive

    I used to fool around with these two file-splitting programs:
    HJSplit / MegaSplit

    These programs split / join files. As a last resort, you might make copies
    of your 001, 002 etc. files and try to "join" them into one large 7z
    archvie. Then try to extract contents. Good luck.

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    Re: Recoving 7 Zip Archive - Cannot open file 'xampp.7z' as archive

    I know some zip archives when you split them like that (assuming you created one archive, and automatically split it into parts, rather than just creating 3 archives) only store the header information in the first archive.

    So you can't just extract them separately, you need to tell the extractor it's split into 3 parts and it should process it is as one archive. You tried this?

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