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Thread: Export Installed updates(windows updates)

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    Export Add Remove Program Lists Guest

    Export Installed updates(windows updates)


    How can i export Installed Windows Updates ( displayed in add and remove
    program list)

    I tried with quick fix engineering.ouput has some difference comparing to
    add and remove program list.

    Wait for correct answer..........

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    Rick Rogers Guest

    Re: Export Installed updates(windows updates)

    There is no faculty for exporting the list you see in Add & Remove. You have
    to use a third party tool like you already did.

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    Peter Foldes Guest

    Re: Export Installed updates(windows updates)

    You are not able to export the Updates. The install is spread far and thin for you
    to be able to do that.

    Can I ask you what is the reason that you want to export it

    You can verify the above by posting to the public.windowsupdate newsgroup

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    Export Add Remove Program Lists Guest
    one more doubt

    i got all windows updates installed in my computer(Windows XP) using the
    registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
    i have to export these items to excel as following (same contents displayed
    in add and remove program list) . Is it possible?

    Installed Programs
    1.Install program1
    2.Install Program2

    Updated Programs
    1.Updated program1
    2Updated Program2

    Have you tried Belarc Advisor? It will create an HTML file with all sorts
    of system information including what updates you have.

    Only as a text file.

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    Re: Export Installed updates(windows updates)

    try wmic
    start --> run --> cmd (with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER = admin right!)
    wmic:root\cli>QFE get

    output to file using
    wmic:root\cli>/output:C:\InstallList.txt QFE get

    Note list may not be complete - Its a windows standard feature *wink*
    see also

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