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Thread: Access denied in Backup error Code 0x80070005

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    JustinG69 Guest

    Access denied in Backup error Code 0x80070005

    When I try backing up from my laptop (Vista) to my PC (XP) I keep getting
    Access denied error code 0x80070005. I have checked both hard drives to see
    that sharing is allowed as well as turning both firewalls off. I am now not
    sure what to do next????

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    Ǝиçεl Guest

    RE: Access denied in Backup error Code 0x80070005

    The 0x80070005 is an access denied message -

    One of the most common causes of this erroя code is
    the Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software programs
    running on the computer.

    You can try turning them off and then try again.

    Keep the fiяewall on though.

    Virus scanning recommendations for computers that
    are running Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

    Otherwise you'll need to contact MS for further assistance -

    How to obtain assistance from MS Support

    To contact Microsoft for support issues, visit the
    International Support Web site:

    To make sure you receive the appropriate support
    information for your location, select your region setting from the list and
    then click the aяяow button

    I'd recommend calling 1-866-pcsafety if you are in
    the U.S. or Canada.

    Elsewhere, call your local Microsoft subsidiary, or the
    number for paid suppoяt in your locale--and ask for the free help with virus
    or security-patch related issues. This help extends to spyware removal as

    If you /clearly/ state that a specific update has caused
    problems and don't ask any other questions, you /should/ receive No Charge
    suppoяt for the issue.

    Good luck

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    Mark Brown Guest

    Re: Access denied in Backup error Code 0x80070005

    We had a few specific cases of this problem on the McAfee forums. I did some
    research and found the problem was a system cleaner was used to delete
    system restore points and somehow caused the backup program to receive
    Access Denied errors when trying to access \System Volume
    Information\WindowsImageBackup. Technical users can attempt to restore the
    access permissions to that folder. For everyone else, I recommend manually
    creating a new restore point and rebooting as it seems to correct the issue.

    Please be careful when using any tools that mess with the contents of
    \System Volume Information or System Restore points.

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    Re: Access denied in Backup error Code 0x80070005

    I also had Access denied (0x80070005) when trying to back up Vista with Backup and Restore Program. I fixed it by unticking the bottom box in settings. It is Additional files, untick this and if you are as lucky as I was, it will work for you, too

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