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Thread: Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007

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    Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007

    Im sure this has been asked before, but i didn't find any kind of help when i tried to search.

    So i have have this PowerPoint viewer 2007 on my Windows Vista. Im trying to get .ppt files open from internet with mozilla (have tryed with IE too) - so not from outlook mail. I have tryed to just open those plus saved those to my computer and tryed open those then. My powerpoint program doesn't open at all - what's a problem? It doesn't open even if i just click and try to get that program open.

    When im opening the files that powerpoit program is set to default.

    Any chance someone would know what to do?

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    ray Guest

    Re: Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007

    I'd suggest you install You should not have any difficulty
    opening ppt's with it.

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    Richard G. Harper [MVP] Guest

    Re: Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007

    What happens if you save a copy to the desktop and then open it?

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    Zaphod Beeblebrox Guest

    Re: Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007

    On an XP system when I installed PowerPoint Viewer 2007 it only
    associated itself with .pptx files so Windows didn't know what to do
    with .ppt files. You could try associating .ppt files with the 2007
    viewer (Control Panel - Programs - Default Programs), and if that
    doesn't work you could try downloading and installing the 2003 version
    of the viewer from
    I have no idea if it is Vista compatible or not, so...

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