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Thread: shell32.dll corrupt, need original shell32.dll

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    shell32.dll corrupt, need original shell32.dll

    Anyone care to provide me with shell32.dll from Vista Business SP1? I corrupted mine and can't find a solution anywhere. System restore not working, neither is sfc /scannow.

    Please help. All I need is the shell32.dll from Vista Business SP1.


    J (

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    Peter Foldes Guest

    Re: shell32.dll corrupt, need original shell32.dll

    Not so simple. What is the error that is shown either on the Desktop or in the Event Viewer

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    Re: shell32.dll corrupt, need original shell32.dll

    Well, I went ahead and re-installed the OS as that was my only option without the file. I needed to have my system back up and running by this morning. Sorry for the short notice, but it was an urgent need.

    Thanks for responding though..


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    Re: shell32.dll corrupt, need original shell32.dll

    I have a horrendous VISTA problem. It all boils down to the fact that there are one or two .dll files that I am not allowed to access.


    It all started when I installed Adobe Audition, and then other
    things before I realized what had happened. By then I had passed the
    point where I could restore the system to before the offending installation.

    Anyway, I've tried everything, registered for a couple of MSVista
    forums, checked all the relevant internet notes, etc. I'm not the only
    one with this problem, but I don't see that there have been any solutions.

    \windows\system32\shell32.dll is the main culprit. When I check the
    access/owner options, it seems that anyone can access it at least for
    using it. But I always get an error message that access is denied. This
    effects all sorts of things like sound changes, no microphone access, no
    mouse changes, etc.

    Everyone here just says I have to reinstall, but that is an option I
    don't care to use. The notes seem to say that one should be able to get a new .dll file and fix things, but I haven't been able to do that.

    I would certainly appreciate some simple, reasonable help to fix what should be a simple matter.

    Thanks. BASINAR

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