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Thread: Problem downloading Adobe Flash Player 9 to Vista Home Premium

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    Problem downloading Adobe Flash Player 9 to Vista Home Premium

    I am having a Windows Vista system. I use to play online small games on this PC. Everything was working fine until day before yesterday. yesterday morning when i visited the same website, i got a pop from Adobe Flash Player saying if i want to upgrade my Flash Player. I said Ok and it started downloading.

    After few seconds, i received confirmation saying it was downloaded successfully but now i use to get the same pop up every minute asking me to update Flash. Damn. So far i have click OK and updated more than 10 times but the pop up keeps appearing every time. And due to this i am no more able to visit any Flash based websites.

    Can anyone please tell me what could be the problem and how can i fix the same? Many thanks for all your helps.

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    RE: Problem downloading Adobe Flash Player 9 to Vista Home Premium

    Do one thing, first of all close all your browsers and uninstall Adobe Flash from your system completely. By saying completely i mean use this uninstaller tool to remove the same. Now reboot the system and download / install the most recent version of Adobe flash from Adobe's website. Once installed try visiting those websites again. Hopefully you should not get those problems anymore.

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