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Thread: Vista H-Prem., and DEP, and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

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    Jim Guest

    Vista H-Prem., and DEP, and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

    DEP keeps closing Acrobat. Cannot disable it; pop up window appears saying
    Acrobat cannot be removed from DEP list.

    Anybody know next steps? Unable to find out if Acrobat is DEP compatible.

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    Malke Guest

    You searched for: "dep" in Acrobat Professional

    No Documents Found

    Then contact them! Adobe Acrobat Pro is a $300 program. You have support
    options from Adobe!

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    Jim Guest

    Re: Vista H-Prem., and DEP, and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

    I'm on a trial version; I've ordered the DVD but until then no support is
    offered. Adobe has no reference in knowledge base for DEP and Acrobat, just
    1-2 with another older program like InDesign or similar; the solution there
    offered is to turn off DEP, which I can't do in Vista - pop up window: "you
    can't deactivate DEP with this program". I will try to get support using an
    order # for the product though.

    I've found solutions that require registry fiddling, which right now I can't
    do as I run a few proprietary programs that I don't/can't risk affecting.

    Acrobat 8 wasn't Vista compatible as it was released prior to Vista, but 8.1
    was, and 9 is supposed to be. MSD says to check with Adobe for DEP enabled;
    Adobe wants $ just to tell me if it is or not. Argh. One would think
    there'd be a DEP reference to say, Adobe 7 or 8, but there isn't.

    I guess waiting, as usual with DEP/Vista, is my alternative. Thanks anyhow

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    Re: Vista H-Prem., and DEP, and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

    Hi All,

    As a MCTS and MCITP who cannot stand the features of DEP....I offer you two solutions:
    1. Upgrade to Windows 7 :)
    2. Turn off DEP by running the following command (be sure to run command as the administrator): bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
    3. You should get a success message back and will need to reboot to finish the setting change.
    4. You can verifty the status of DEP by running this command: wmic OS Get DataExecutionPrevention_SupportPolicy

    Thanks and hope this is helpful SKG

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