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Thread: Serial Ports, Com Ports and USB

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    Serial Ports, Com Ports and USB

    I have Windows Vista installed on my computer and am trying to connect a device that had come with a serial port connector. I have also bought a connector and with its help I can plug it into a usb port. I get a message when i plug it in that the device is recognized and the drivers have been successfully installed. But when I try to use the hardware that uses this same serial port then it says that it cannot find a comp port. I have also tried to connect it to different com port manually but still no go. How do i make it to find a comp port then, can anyone help. Thanks.

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    Richard G. Harper Guest
    I think that you will have to go into the BIOS setting and enable something that uses the serial port that is provided on the motherboard. You can also try to find out which CON port number the device number is assigned to it virtual port. It could be that there might be a higher port number than the device or its software will support. You could try to see the COM ports that maybe high as 11 or 12. One thing that you can do is read the manual that came with the Com to Usb port adapter to see how to get and change the port number its using. Also you can try to change it by going to the device manager and then explading the Ports section and then finding your device. After that just right click and the select Properties and then look at the details tab or the Advanced button, if it is located there.

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    You should have given some more information related to the details of your computer or such so that we would have been able to find the proper driver versions. In any case, you can look at the motherboard manual or download it from its manufacturer's website and search for the items relating to the serial ports. But as mentioned above, you should see the Com port number in the device manager by expanding the Ports category and there you will be able to find it.

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