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Thread: USB External Hard Drive Not Detected

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    USB External Hard Drive Not Detected

    I have purchased a new Seagate Freeagent Desktop USB external hard drive and it used to work fine when i plugged it in my computer. Now, Windows Vista wont recognize this device any more when I connect it. I have even checked in device manager and it is now showing up their as well. When i connected it in my laptop, then it was showing properly, so I dont think that it is a drive problem. Is there anyone who can tell me whats going on?

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    You can try the External Hard drive Troubleshooter from the below link and see if that helps you out:

    Additionally try the below methods:
    1. Make safe the computer and external hard drive are powered on.
    2. Safely remove the drive from the computer (if possible).
    3. Disconnect the external drive's USB or FireWire cable.
    4. Disconnect the power supply plug from the external drive.
    5. Power off the computer.
    6. Disconnect the computer's power supply cord for 60 seconds.
    7. Reconnect the computer.
    8. Power on the computer.
    9. Connect the power supply to the external drive.
    10. Connect the drive's USB or FireWire cable and check for detection.

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