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Thread: Western Digital Passport Drive

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    Western Digital Passport Drive

    I bought a new Western Digital Passport 2.0 USB drive and trying to connect it with my Windows Vista system but I always get a message in the system tray saying “USB Device not recognized”. I don’t have any idea what could be the problem because am already using a Western Digital My Book on this same computer without any problem. I tried updating drivers for my new WD drive from the device manager that was too not succeeded, it comes back saying unknown device.

    Just for a test I tried connecting the new WD Passport 2.0 on my XP based laptop and it works fine there, the only problem is with Vista os. I tried getting some help from WD Tech Support and they simply said that I need Vista driver. But am just not able to find any driver for this drive on internet for Vista os. Somebody please help me.

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    Re: Western Digital Passport Drive

    Hello dECLANn, are you using 64bit operating system ? I want to know this because I am having Xp as well as Vista and both are 64bit operating system and my same drive (Western Digital Passport 2.0) is not working on any of these devices. When I called Western Digital they told me that they don’t have any support for Vista 64bit and most probably this drive will not work on laptop because their USB port did not supply adequate power for the same. I guess there should be any such cable provided by WD t hat draws power from 2 USB ports.

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    Re: Western Digital Passport Drive

    I have been through this problem about 6 to 8 months ago. But in my case the problem was not with the drivers, it was my front USB ports. When I was trying to connect my WD Passport 160GB drive by plugging it in the front ports, it was unable to recognize. Later I tried plugin it on the back side and my Hard drive started working. Hence try connecting the drive with ports on the back.

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    WD Passport Elite 320 Gig

    Me too facing similar problem with the external drive but one thing am not able to understand is why do plug and play device require a driver install? Though my computer recognizes the external device it stucks asking me the drivers for the same. I have tried hours of call support with Dell and WD but none of them were able to help me out. They also sent me some special USB cable that was having 2 USB but was also useless. There should be someone who has successfully fixed this problem.

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    Re: Western Digital Passport Drive

    i dont know why yoiu guys are facing problems, my HDD works without any problem on my laptop. Try one of the following:

    First try using another USB port and try again and secondly uy an USB cable with 2 ports: one for power and one for data.

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