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Thread: Disable out of disk space notification on Recovery Partition

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    Disable out of disk space notification on Recovery Partition

    I have two partition in my system. The one is Windows Directory which is the default C drive and the other one is D drive. I was not aware that this is the recovery partition of my system. I take regular backup and set the default location to D drive. But now I keep on getting notification that the disc is full. I had tried to run disk cleanup and other stuff but yet the message is common. I had performed Recovery and the system was restored. But the notification is annoying me. I cannot move the backup to other place, as it is quiet large in size. What should I do.

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    It is possible to move the backup from D. Your C drive might be having maximum space. You can extract a amount from it. But the issue is that when you run recovery that partition will be wiped out. That is a bit risk. It is always recommended to store your backup on multiple location. Because if something happen then there are chances of getting them recovered one by one.

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    I am also getting the 'low disc space' error for the recovery (D:) drive and can see that it is only 10 gig in size. Should I try to expand the size of this partition, or is this not possible? Also, I presume this is the default location for the system restore; I dont seem to be able to change the location to back up to the C: drive. (Only to an external drive or disc). Does the system restore automatically delete old back-ups to create room for new ones, and if so, why does this not happen before the D: drive is full? I am now receiving a message that the last back-up was not successful. Reading the previous discussions, I can see some suggestions are to stop system restore, which I dont really want to do, or to delete files stored on the drive, which again I don't want to do. What is the best thing to do?

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    I will advice you to buy a external hard drive. It is worth spending a few buck for data security. When you run the backup you can simply copy that backup files and store that in the external hard drive. This will give you more security. You can disable those notification from Control Panel. There are option by which you can block all the notification and nothing will appear on the system tray. Just go in that and search for notification settings.

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