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Thread: "No Audio Output Device is installed"?

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    "No Audio Output Device is installed"?

    I have a laptop with me and yesterday I was running itunes on it. Just after that the Liveupdate application restarted the laptop and today when I turned up my laptop then I was getting this error message which was saying that "No Audio Output Device is installed". I dont know what should i do to fix this issue?

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    RE: "No Audio Output Device is installed"?

    You can go in Device Manager and then open up Properties of your sound device and check what error messages it is displaying. This section normally informs us like what all correct methods we can use in order to solve this problem. If you get any such guidance then follow it. But if you dont get anything, then you can simply try to uninstall the device in Device Manager and then restart the laptop. After that, Windows will try to reinstall the device and its driver again automatically. Hope that it works.

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    There is a simple fix to this problem. All you need to do is insert the CD/DVD of the motherboard in the dvd drive and then run it. Search for the audio drivers from the cd and then install it by double clicking on the setup.exe file. If you still dont find it, then you can visit the manufacturer's website and download the drivers for your sound card and simply install it. After installation the sound will be back.

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