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Thread: ATK0110 ACPI Utility - Vista finds & downloads update but then tells me it's the wrong one!

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    ATK0110 ACPI Utility - Vista finds & downloads update but then tells me it's the wrong one!

    I am running Windows Vista and when i start the windows update it always tells me that there is an important update for the ATK0110 ACPI Utility and also suggest that it should be installed. After accepting the invitation the update starts to download. Then i am said that a restore point is created and then the update begns to install. After that I am said that the update cannot be installed on my platform and I should down the correct version. I have tried to do the same procedures many times but am always getting the same results. I have a Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard and the asus website says that the latest driver for the vista operating system that i have installed is some version and it is the same which is appearing in the device manager. I dont understand why this update is not getting installed in my machine.

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    I was doing some research on this issue and found out that when i uninstall the ATK0110 ACPI Utility from my computer and then when i start the Windows Update, then the driver gets installed without any issues. So it seems that the driver can be installed for my platform. But when i checked the same driver, it seems to be pretty old and there is latest version available on the site. So, i was wondering how do i uninstall this driver which is installed with the windows update?

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    Re: ATK0110 ACPI Utility - Vista finds & downloads update but then

    You can simply uninstall or remove the driver by going into safe mode and then clicking on start and then control panel and then device manager and select the device that is using the ATK0110 ACPI Utility, right click on it and then uninstall. Hope that helps you out.

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