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Thread: CD/DVD Drive missing - tried everything!

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    CD/DVD Drive missing - tried everything!

    My cd/dvd drive used to work fine but recently it has gone missing from my computer. I dont know what could have caused this issue but I have done a lot of installation of different software on my pc. The CD/DVD drive is getting recognized in the device manager but not in the Windows explorer. Also tried to delete the upperfilters and lower filters but nothing seems to be working. Have also tried out some patch to fix it but no go. Can anyone please help me out in this case.

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    The problem that you are facing can also occur due to dvd burning software or either multimedia editing tools, or even Itunes has some complications in Vista, letting the dvd drive to disappear all of a sudden from the computer. You could try to remove all this software which might be able to fix the issue but in other case the lower and upper filters if the best method to solve this problem. You could even try to boot from the Windows installation disk and see if the disk gets recognized at the boot, this will let you know if the problem is with the optical drive or not. Try a system restore as well and see if that solves the problem.

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    Yes, even i agree with the previous post, since you have already tried to use the upper filter and lower filter method which is not working in your case, then you should try to boot the pc by inserting a windows operating system cd in the drive and then test the functionality, if it reads the disc then no problems, but if it doesnt then consider buying a new cd/dvd drive again.

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