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Thread: ZyDAS ZD1211 WiFi dongle not working

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    ZyDAS ZD1211 WiFi dongle not working

    I was using my ZyDAS ZD1211 USB WiFi dongle comfortably earlier with Vista Beta on this same computer but since I installed the Vista Home Premium, the dongle is not working anymore. When I connect the dongle to any USB port, system tries to install the dongle’s driver but ends up saying “there is a syntax error in the INF file and it can't proceed.”

    I tried to search for the drivers on Dongle’s office pages but came to know that ZyDAS was taken over by some another company and they don’t provide any support for ZyDAS anymore. Later I tried to get it from Windows Update but there is nothing related to the same.

    Is there anyone who can help me out with the same ? Thanks in advance.

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    RE: ZyDAS ZD1211 WiFi dongle not working

    I was too looking for the same couple of months ago but got it from here.

    If you want you can download the same and see if it works for you.

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    RE: ZyDAS ZD1211 WiFi dongle not working

    Need help with the similar problem guys. On the fresh Vista system I tried installing the drivers for the CD I got with the dongle but that dint worked. Later, without removing the zydas drivers, I simply had overwritten the same with the new one from codejunkies site. Surprisingly that brings up the zydas icon in the taskbar. Now when I double click on it to configure the settings, it gives me the following message:

    "Wireless LAN is controlled by Windows Zero Configuration".

    I tried to get some help from web about how can I disable the Widnows Zero Configuration and I found that it can disabled from the services page. Well I tried to do the same but I dint found WZC anywhere in the services page

    Is there anyone with info on this ? Please help.

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    Re: ZyDAS ZD1211 WiFi dongle not working

    are you still having troubles with windows zero configuration ? If so i may be able to help you.

    Check this KB:

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