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Thread: Using ADSL Modem driver for Windows Vista

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    Using ADSL Modem driver for Windows Vista

    I had plan to upgrade my system to Windows Vista from Windows XP. But I am doubtful about using the existing ADSL modem. It is working quiet well with Windows XP. This is the only medium by which I can use internet. A number of people told me that the modem which I have will not work well with Vista. The model number of my modem is AAM6000UG/D. Can anyone tell me that this will work on Vista.

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    I think it is going to work unless and until you are going to use it on ethernet connector. If you are using the same on USB then it will face issue. Because for that you will face driver compatibility issue. And if there is a internal pci lan card in your system then that is also going to face major problem with driver compatibility. Just provide a full information on the hardware specification you have and then go play with the upgrades. In that way you can detect or find whether Vista will be compatible with the modem you are using or not.

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    re: Using ADSL Modem driver for Windows Vista

    There is no driver for the modem model you had mentioned. The modem is ASUS ADSL MODEM AAM6000UG/D I think. I am also using the same modem. I had tested this on a Vista system and it is not at all working.

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