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Thread: Using Windows XP driver in Vista 32bit vs 64bit

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    Using Windows XP driver in Vista 32bit vs 64bit

    I need some good advice in using Windows XP drivers on Vista. Now I want to know that compared to 32bit will 64bit can also support it. I had used some of the old drivers which did not responded on 32bit. This would make the job more complicated for newer system. Basically those who upgrade faces the most annoying problem. I am planing to upgrade Vista Business Edition on all workstation I have. Now before that I have a TV Tuner card, a internal ethernet card, a printer, etc attached. I want to ensure that this all stuff must work properly before upgrading.

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    For compatibility stuff do not trust on the 64bit system. You can force to use a 32bit driver on 32bit system only. While 64bit drivers are different. There will be common crashing issue. I did the same recently when I upgraded to Vista. It was a 64bit system where my scanner was not working. The disc that I have was only having 32bit driver which failed. Later on I downloaded the 64bit edition driver and it started working. So this are the places where you need to check properly before making fresh upgrades.

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    It is correct. 64bit system probably faces the most compatibility issues. So it is recommended to use only those drivers which are providing specially for the 64bit edition. Whenever you upgrade your system, you must look properly which edition of Windows you are going for. For average user 32bit is not at all recommended.

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