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Thread: CD-ROM-unit, corrupt config info in register (code 19)

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    CD-ROM-unit, corrupt config info in register (code 19)

    After upgrading to a new OS which is Vista from XP, tons of errors started appearing one by one. The error which is most annoying is about the CD-ROM. Vista does not detect it. I cannot use any of my motherboard driver disc. The error is -- A driver was found but a error occurred when the driver should install. The config info in the register is either incompiled or corrupt. (Code 19). What should I do. The error is too confusing. Another issue that I want to get fix is to make Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro working.

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    Checkout the below link. It might help you to deal with the problem. Go in bios and see whether your rom is listed or not. If not then check the cable setup. You can use a usb drive also to install drivers, but for that you will need to copy the data from the disc to the usb and then only it is going to work.
    Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

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    Re: CD-ROM-unit, corrupt config info in register (code 19)

    If the hardware is not damaged then this is a driver issue. You will have to re-update the driver and check back. This would be enough to fix the issue. Reboot your pc first. Most of the time a proper reboot is enough to fix this error. Then go in Device Manager and right click on the dvd drive. Choose uninstall and again restart your pc. Windows will try to re-install the optical drive on its own. This it the easiest way to install various hardware instantly in your system. If this also does not work then your hardware is damage. You have to get a new one.

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    Re: CD-ROM-unit, corrupt config info in register (code 19)

    Updating drivers is the only thing you can do here. If this also does not work then the hardware is dead. You have to get a new one. I had received the same kind of error on my old system. Whenever I insert a new disc in it, the error popup on the screen. I had gone ahead with chipset driver installation but that also did not work. I also bought and add a new idle cable for the optical drive. Still it failed. Atlast when nothing worked I bought a new one. So there is no use of wasting time on the same. It is better that you must go ahead with a new one.

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