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Thread: Keyboard Does not wake up also from sleep mode

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    Keyboard Does not wake up also from sleep mode

    I have a usb keyboard that will not wake up from sleep mode, what ever i do. To get it working again, I have to restart my computer or either have to unplug and replud it from the back of the usb port. This all thing happen only when i installed Windows Vista on my computer. I am frustrated with this operating system. Can anyone please help me.

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    The same problem is happening with me as well. And the worst part is that the keyboard that i am using is suppose to wake up the computer from sleep mode but it will not respond to anything after that moment. This has only happened a couple of times with me. So hope that it is just a bug. It is really annoying though cause it was working properly in the factory installation but now it is giving me troubles.

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    I have a Razer mouse and keyboard and am using Windows Vista 64 bit on my computer. Previously i was using the Microsoft keyboard and everything was working great but now after using this new keyboard, the hibernate works fine but I have press the power button in order to wake up the pc. The computer wont wake up if i press the mouse button or the keyboard keys. I even checked some solutions, installed the KB925528 update but nothing seems to be working for me.

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    Yes, dont update your Windows Vista operating system with that KB download, it wont solve the issue. You should infact go to the keyboard properties in and then enable the option to wake up from sleep, which is there in Windows Vista and is disabled by default. Also you can try to enable the hibernate feature and the hybrid sleep feature by going in to Start >> click All Programs >> click Accessories. After that Right-click Command Prompt, click Run as administrator, type powercfg -h on, and then press ENTER.

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