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Thread: NTatvrv01 Device Detected in Device Manager after installing Radeon X1950Pro drivers

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    NTatvrv01 Device Detected in Device Manager after installing Radeon X1950Pro drivers

    I ordered a new GPU. It is ATI Radeon X1950Pro. I purchased the card from local vendor for my desktop. It has Windows Vista 32bit. I downloaded catalyst_8-31-100_vista32_rtm drivers from the official website and installed the same. After checking in Device Manager I found that there is some unknown NTatvrv01 device appeared. There is no driver installed. It has a question mark on it. What does this device do. It appeared only after when the gpu drivers are added. Does living the same as it is will put some adverse effect on the same.

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    This is a weird thing. I tried to search for that thing on web, but found nothing. Many users found that same thing appeared in Device Manager. I think there is no harm in using it. There is no issue for leaving it just like that. If you face any black screen issue or some video problem try to re-install the drivers. You can try to do that manually by choosing Update drivers and then providing the path of driver folder that you had downloaded.

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    I had faced a similar kind of issue while using a Intel Motherboard. The board is Intel D925XCV. I cannot find any driver for unknown device which is listed. I tried Windows XP drivers and they worked in Vista. Somehow the unknown device is dis-appeared. I am having a similar gpu installed. Try to run your motherboard driver updates and then check back.

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