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Thread: mass storage controller/ SDA standard compliant SD host controller

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    mass storage controller/ SDA standard compliant SD host controller

    I am having a Acer Travelmate 5320 laptop running with Windows Vista. Everything is working fine except the SD Card Reader. It is just not reading any card any more. I tried to found the problem I got the Yellow Exclamation mark in the Device manager against Mass storage controller and SDA standard compliant SD host controller.

    I tried to get some technical help from Acer Support and as they said, here is what all I did to fix: updated BIOS, reset BIOS to defaults, re-installed chipset drivers, downloaded driver detective and at last reformatted the entire system but guess what, still it is not working. After doing all these things whenever I start my computer, I use to get greeted with the following error:

    “Resource conflict - pci on motherboard bus: 0F, device: 06, function:00”

    Somebody please give me some working solution. Thank you.

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    Re: mass storage controller/ SDA standard compliant SD host controller

    Is your laptop still under warranty ? If yes, than better throw it in the service center because it is the hardware problem and not with the softwares or drivers according to the troubleshooting you have done. I strongly suspect it is due to either a component has failed or the BIOS settings are incorrect. Also as you mentioned that you already reset the BIOS default, its obviously the failed component. So its better not to try anything yourself to break the warranty. Get it repaired from Acer service center.

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