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Thread: quad core only operating on 2 cores

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    quad core only operating on 2 cores

    I have recently bought a Quad Core 9400 processor 2.6 ghz over a core 2 duo processor which was pretty old. I installed it, then updated all the drivers and did the windows update to the latest. In the Bios the processor showed all 4 cores running but when in windows when i checked in task manager's performance, it was showing only 2 cores. I re-checked the same in device manager under processor and it was showing 2 unkown device entries. So, i was wondering whether this is a processor fault or some software issues which is not letting all the 4 cores to run, any ideas?

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    Have you tried resetting the BIOS settings to the factory defaults. It may solve the issue, since there might be settings done to tweak your previous processor which would be registering for this new Quad core processor. Another thing that you can do is to update the BIOS of your motherboard directly from its manufacturer's website. Always remember never to update Mobo BIOS from any other third party websites, as it will completely brick the motherboard which cant be used again. Also, see to it that if PAE is switch on then turn it off. Try this solutions and see if it works.

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    Re: quad core only operating on 2 cores

    If the above solution doesnt work then try to resolve the querie with below method:
    1. First of all right click on my computer and then click on Manage
    2. After that click on Device manager and then Computer
    3. After that you should delete whatever is under this option.
    4. Simply restart your computer
    5. After restart, the Vista operating system will start to re-detect the CPU and all its core.

    If this doesnt work then there has to be some setting under your Mobo Bios where it might be disabled.

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    Re: quad core only operating on 2 cores

    hi peeps i know this is an old post but maybe its still relevant, I had this trouble to, its because you have upgraded from a dual to a quad you either need to do an os repair or a reinstall this fixed my same issue when i upgrade from an intel core2duo to a AMD FX, windows wouldnt recognise the extra cores untill i did this, hope this helps

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