Mix the action game in the first person and the game of real-time strategy is not a new idea for developers. Ghost Wars and Field Ops have already tested respectively in 2006 and 2007, but in one case as in the other project has turned short with the closure of the studio in charge.

We obviously want more success of the Hungarian Atomic Motion that we announce today, in partnership with Southpeak Interactive, the venue next Raven Squad. It will therefore once again marry the best of the FPS and RTS for a title located in the Amazon jungle. For orders of two squads of four mercenaries, the player will have the possibility, at any time to switch between a subjective view and a tactic to manage the best skills of each of his men and to devise complex strategies.

Raven Squad should logically about him again very soon because developers are considering leaving, PC and Xbox 360, in the autumn of 2008. At the moment we have only six catches, not necessarily very successful by the way, to offer you.

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Raven Squad

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