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Thread: Dead or Alive game installation halted on Windows 10 TP

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    Dead or Alive game installation halted on Windows 10 TP

    I had just done with downloading Dead or Alive game for my pc. I am having a Windows 10. I was using Windows 7 before, last week I updated to Windows 10 to test new features. When I start the installation I can see the setup menu. But it just stuck at some point. It is not moving ahead. I am quiet annoyed with this problem and not able to find any solution for this. I am quiet sure that there will be some way of fixing this problem. I restarted my pc and then tried back again, but still the issue is same. I left the system for around an hour, but the installation is not completed.

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    Re: Dead or Alive game installation halted on Windows 10 TP

    When you run the setup you can see the files it is extracting in Program Files folder. Just see that on which file it is stopping. There are chances that the setup you had downloaded is having damage files in it. You have to find a better one. You can try to download the game back again. It is a huge game. I had finished downloading this a few hours ago but yet I had not tested it. I am going to install this on Windows 7 and expected this might be working well. I will post if there is any bug. I think your setup is damage.

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    Re: Dead or Alive game installation halted on Windows 10 TP

    Right click on the setup file and choose Run As and then click on Administrator. Just try installing in the admin mode first. Most of the setup crashes due to file permission problem. If this does not help then there is one more thing you can try out. You can try changing the location of the place where the setup is copied. For example if you are trying to install it in the C drive you can replace that and put that in D Drive. Sometime due to bad sectors the setup is unable to create copies of files. Just try this first and check back. I am quiet sure it might work.

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    Re: Dead or Alive game installation halted on Windows 10 TP

    I also think that by changing the location of place where you are installing the game the problem can be solved. You have to choose another partition and then you have to test. I am quiet sure that it will work. But if it is not working at all then as mentioned in the first post, the setup that you had downloaded is damage. I hope you are not using a pirated version. Most of the pirated version that are downloaded from torrent are having malware infected files. And antivirus delete them without prompt. That is why the setup crashes. Get a genuine setup copy and test back.

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