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Thread: Dying Lights lags on Core i3 system

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    Dying Lights lags on Core i3 system

    What is the system requirement to run Dying Lights. I had installed this on a pc that has first generation Core i3 system with 3GB Ram on the same. It also has a graphic card but I think it is enough for gaming. I installed Dying Light on it. I did not got any kind of error on start saying that the hardware requirements is low. The game was installed. After clicking on the icon to launch that it took time to start. But it was working. It is very slow and lagging. I tried reducing the game settings to lowest but it is also not helping. And when I start the game it also slow down my entire pc. I want some help here to fix this thing.

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    Re: Dying Lights lags on Core i3 system

    I am not sure that you might get optimum output on a Core i3 based system. You will need a much higher one here. The game works well if you are having a Intel Core i5 or higher processor. This is for smooth performance. For ram you must have atleast 4GB RAM and a 64bit system. You need a 1GB Graphic card of latest model. Or else there would be a lot of performance problem. Game lagging is common when hardware is low. I do not think there is any thing you can do to speed up the system. You can still check by updating the drivers. If possible post your full system configuration details here.

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    Re: Dying Lights lags on Core i3 system

    When you are playing the game minimize it and then see the background process. See that if your ram or cpu usage is very high. If that is at the standard level then I think your system is heating up due to which you are facing the problem. You have to check the temperature. You can download a small widget on your screen that will put more highlight on the processor temperature. If it is crossing 45 then it means the cpu is getting more hotter when you play games for longer period. You have to get a new fan and add a thermal paste on the cpu so that it can work well.

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