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Thread: Anyone playing Battlefield 4 64bit on AMD PC

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    Anyone playing Battlefield 4 64bit on AMD PC

    Battlefield 4 is a 64 bit game. I am having a DVD of this game that I tried to install on my system but it failed. Later on my friend has a gaming system with Core i5 processor and 16GB RAM. There is Nvidia 2GB graphic card on that. And there it works awesome. One of my friend also has a AMD pc. I am not sure about the configuration but it is a high end. I will be getting that for this weekend. Before getting that PC I want to know that is there anyone playing the game on AMD system. If yes then what is your configuration and what fps you are getting on the same. Also mention a bit about your game resolution also.

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    Re: Anyone playing Battlefield 4 64bit on AMD PC

    It works fine on AMD Athlon X4 760K. But I have to overclock it to gain a bit more fps. When I push the game on highest resolution it starts lagging. I am having 8GB RAM only. I was hoping to have one more stick of 8GB so that the game output can be lot more smoother. The game provides me a decent fps of 30 on mid range settings. There is no issue with heating or lagging. But when I set everything on the highest settings there is a problem. I can see a loud buzzing noise from cpu that indicate it is heating up. This game has a very high hardware requirement. Compare to AMD I think it would be lot more stable on Core i5 series process.

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    Re: Anyone playing Battlefield 4 64bit on AMD PC

    Battlefield 4 is a high end game. And it needs a really good hardware to perform well. If you have a pc that can run this game then you can play any games on it quiet easily. As far as I know you will need a quad core processor like AMD FX8350@4.5Ghz. This would the extreme level. With you need a good graphic card like HD 7950. 2GB will be better. If you can go with similar or high end one then it is still lot better. You can gain a good fps. If you are having a low end of mid range card then the FPS will be more lower. Card really matters a lot for a high a end fps.

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