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Thread: Evil Within lagging on Windows 7 system

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    Evil Within lagging on Windows 7 system

    There is some issue with my pc. I am not able to figure out the reason behind the same. I am trying to play Evil Within on the same. When I try to move around a bit I can find the game is bit lagging. I am not able to figure out why it is getting slow when I am trying to play the same. Sometime it works well, but sometime it is really hard to play this game. It is very slow and does not respond at all. I am having a 2GB graphic card in my system with 4GB RAM and Intel Core i3 processor. I had checked the hardware requirement that looks enough. How to increase the games performance.

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    Re: Evil Within lagging on Windows 7 system

    Check for the background applications. Try to turn all of them and then try playing game. I am quiet sure that it will work well. You can start Task Manager. In that go in the process section and see what all applications are working. If anything from that is eating too much ram then you can remove it. Before starting the game turn off all background applications. Like the downloads, file transfers, etc. See that you have enough ram free to make the game work fine. Go in the game video settings and reduce the resolution to mid level and try playing it.

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    Re: Evil Within lagging on Windows 7 system

    Performance problem can be fixed through different ways. Like you can first try updating the video drivers. You can find the latest one on the official site of your graphic card manufacturer. Download the latest drivers and install them in your system. Try reducing the resolution and check back once. So that you get a decent output. If still the game is lagging then it means there can be something in the background causing the issue. It can be your antivirus also. Try turning off that also. There are ample of system boost up software you can test in your pc.

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