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Thread: Lucius 2 Save Game problem

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    Lucius 2 Save Game problem

    I have installed Lucius II on my pc and although this game is running fine but after quitting and loading the saves, then the screen simply changes to black even though the music plays in the background. Sometimes it will load after taking some time but it looks to be getting worse when I am trying to continue after that. This problem started at the start of level 3 and now the problem seems to be occurring frequently. Is there anyone who can tell me how to fix this? Thanks

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    Re: Lucius 2 Save Game problem

    Even I was facing this same issue as well. But later on I found out that if I try to delete the save game files and load the auto saves the it works from that position. You can also try to delete the saves after each level and you will never face this issue again hopefully. I have also completed the whole game now. On Windows 7 Lucius 2 Save Game location is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Shiver Games\Lucius II.

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    Re: Lucius 2 Save Game problem

    This game developers have recently released a new Patch 1.0.150216.b version. You will need to download and install it from the Steam client. It has corrected the save game problems, you can check its log below:

    1. Fixed an issue where doors did not save their rotation and locking. This should fix the issue where you could get stuck behind a locked door.
    2. There seems to be some sort of memory leak somewhere on the saving and this is causing all sorts of problems. We are investigating the problem. Once this is solved we believe it will help alot with the saving situation.

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    Re: Lucius 2 Save Game problem

    If still nothing is working for you then try to verify the game cache and see if that helps:
    • Completely exit Steam
    • Right-click on the shortcut which you use to launch Steam
    • Select "Run as Administrator"
    • Launch Steam again and continue to the section of this article titled "Verify integrity of game cache"

    More information is given here -

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